Yannis Pappas | Disney World War II | Stand-Up On The Spot

Yannis Pappas covers everything from Disney World and World War II to 9/11 and Turkish people on Stand-Up On The Spot where comedians go up with no prepared material and riff off of audience suggestions. #yannispappas #standupcomedy #disneyworld
Watch the full episode here:


  1. This set is from my show Stand-Up On The Spot. Watch the full episode where Yannis and I riff on stage together, as well as sets from Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand, Kevin Ryan & H. Foley here!: @ More clips on the way!

  2. Yannis was great. Curious though, when the guy suggested lefties did he mean politics or dexterity, and did Yanni get it wrong or purposefully stay away from politics.

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