WWIl: A Brief History of World War Il (WW2) in Hindi | द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध का पूरा इतिहास

The instability created in Europe by the First World War (1914-18) set the stage for another international conflict—World War II—which broke out two decades later and would prove even more devastating. Rising to power in an economically and politically unstable Germany, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, rearmed the nation and signed strategic treaties with Italy and Japan to further his ambitions of world domination. Hitler’s invasion of Poland in September 1939 drove Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany, marking the beginning of World War II. Over the next six years, the conflict would take more lives and destroy more land and property around the globe than any previous war.

Why did WW2 happen? Where did WW2 start from? Who started WW2? how many and Which countries were involved in Second World War(WW2)? Impact of World war 2? What is role of India in World war 2? What is D-day Landing? And apart from this, you will get to know a lot more about the second world war in this video.

Causes of World War II
There are many different cause for World War II. To Japanese militarism, to Political takeover from Hitler here are some of the reasons for World war II. The Treaty of Versailles was a complete and almost a total failure due to the distaste of many of the allied powers. Here we have Japanese militarism. Japanese militarism spread rapidly throughout Japan, being it is that Japan has an emperor but at this time the military had more of a say than the crowned emperor. Next the political takeover of Hitler, because we all know that the takeover of Hitler in Germany contributed greatly to the war.
-Unfair treaty or Versailles
-irrational boundaries
-The Failure of Peace Efforts
-The Worldwide Great Depression

Major Event of Second World War
-Rise of Hitler
-Rise of Benito Mussolini
-Civil war in China
-Civil war is Spain
-German Aggression
-Greece and North Africa
-The Normandy Invasion(Operation Neptune) (Normandy landing)
-Attack on Pearl Harbor
-The U.S. Entrance and Battle of Midway
-The Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal
-VE day (Victory in Europe day)
-the Invasion of Manchuria (1931)
-Japan invades China (1937)
-Tripartite Pact
-Okinawa island
-Hiroshima and Nagasaki
-operation Barbarossa etc…


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  2. 1st world war main yahudi aurbritain main samjhota huwa thaa ki world war jeete to yahudi ko alag desh banaker denge Magar England wada nahi nibhaya isliye Hitler ko Yahudi to ko sosan karneka wajheaur chance mill gaya kyoun ki ye Jews 1st world war main England ki arthik madat ki thi

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