WW2 Quiz 7 – World War 2 Quiz – Multiple Choice

Our 7th WW2 Quiz! – 10 Multiple choice questions – How many can you get correct? You have about 10 seconds to answer each question.

Let us know how many correct answers you got in the comments below!

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  1. 67 out of 70. Not too bad. I am a history buff and a WW2 fanatic so I'm pretty pleased with my overall result in this quiz series. Thanks for killing my neurons :)))

  2. Can we please have a few more questions about the European/ Mediterranean and North Africa campaigns and few less on the Pacific…..and baseball players .

  3. Another WW2 quiz and yet again the questions seem mostly to be from the American perspective. WW2 stands for WORLD war 2. The war also started September 1st, 1939 NOT December 7th, 1941. That's over 2 years in a 5 year war that the USA wasn't involved.

  4. 10/10… motto of the Tuskegee airmen was a bit of an educated guess (thought I'd heard that somewhere other than in relation to the British fighter). Stay safe everyone. Be kind to each other…peace.

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