1. the father of my aunt was there, a GI landing at omaha… i heard something other, than your video says…. sorry boys..

  2. This is actually pretty good as an amalgam of the stories and perceptions from all of the sectors on all of the miles of beaches involved. What I want to know is how all of the naval gun support was made up of more Cleveland class-ish cruisers than were ever made.

  3. This is inaccurate american bombers didnt hit nothing june 6th 1944 they over shot their target not a single bomb landed on target

  4. Aside from whether this is factually correct or not, the basics of what it’s portraying did happen. And the thought of being a young lad on a boat confronted by that terror is mind boggling. My great granddad was killed on the road to Caen on day two. Haunting.

  5. Yeah no. You know its a bad representation when they cant even get the weather right, how hard is it to edit a cloudy day???

  6. In american perspective – oh no we got kicked im ass and win
    In german perspective – oh no we are kicked in ass and lose

  7. I really wanna watch this movie now. Looks very interesting. Apparently about a Korean guy that fought for Imperial, red army and also German army

  8. America Navy killed more civilians, then the whole campaign death total.
    Total destruction of towns by American Navy shelling 20,000+ French civilians were killed during the Normandy Campaign.
    With more than 60,000 civilian deaths a darker and largely ignored side of D-Day campaign
    Allied casualties were documented @ only 4,414 confirmed dead.
    The Allies also captured some 200,000 German prisoners of war they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.


  9. D-Day the Video Game version , just look at all the landing crafts @ 01:56 This feels like what the movie Overlord should have had at the beginning.

  10. this is what you get from college graduates who can't read….I talked to several men who were at the landings, in London, in 1996…..that experience, and reading several soldiers diaries and memoirs….left me chilled. NOW……in the new world order…..well…good luck youth of the world….the cattle cars are coming….

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