ww2 German Metal Detecting – Relics from world war two!

WW2 military Relic hunting – part 4
SONG !! Philter – Untitled

German WW2 Relics Found By German Barracks in Norway. 7.92×57 German 98K Mauser ammo.
German Chess parts.

Captured using the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with the Canon 24-105 (1:4) prime lens.


  1. hello i am an ww2 relic hunter from the netherland
    1. it is an dagger chain
    2. that "mine fuze" isn't an mine fuze it is an part from an ww2 used razor

  2. Belle search, I used a gmaxx2 that gives very good results. I specialize in ww1. I put videos on the subject. Good luck.

  3. A couple of thoughts: First, I would second the idea that your dagger chain is actually something else. All the Reich-era dagger chains I've seen either are of the simple round-link variety or are prominently embellished with Swastikas and/or SS runes and Death's Heads. Second, I would posit that your mine fuse is actually an oil bottle for a rifle, minus the cap. This looks like a personal items find; have you dug any deeper? If not, and you decide to do so, go slow and careful. It very well could be someone's final resting place.

  4. En tysk dolk kjede ja. Veldig verdifulle spesiellt i så god stand 🙂
    Knallbra funn!!

  5. Grate video. My street here in Wales was once an army/home guard camp. But I'v never found anything. 

  6. I thought it was going to be a landmine. Kinda dangerous metal detecting at that site, don't you think?

  7. How do you know you are not digging for a live mine ? And what model of metal detector are you using and how much is that ? Thank you .

  8. Unfortunately there is a lot of stuff from ww2 still in the ground in europe and scandinavia, eastern europe etc the german army certainly got around! but good for metal detectorists and historians.

  9. hey stupid, your able to find lots of relics in norway and russia, norway fought back thats why stuff was left behind

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