ww2 German Metal Detecting – Relics from world war two!

WW2 military Relic hunting – part 4
SONG !! Philter – Untitled

German WW2 Relics Found By German Barracks in Norway. 7.92×57 German 98K Mauser ammo.
German Chess parts.

Captured using the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with the Canon 24-105 (1:4) prime lens.


  1. A couple of thoughts: First, I would second the idea that your dagger chain is actually something else. All the Reich-era dagger chains I've seen either are of the simple round-link variety or are prominently embellished with Swastikas and/or SS runes and Death's Heads. Second, I would posit that your mine fuse is actually an oil bottle for a rifle, minus the cap. This looks like a personal items find; have you dug any deeper? If not, and you decide to do so, go slow and careful. It very well could be someone's final resting place.

  2. Unfortunately there is a lot of stuff from ww2 still in the ground in europe and scandinavia, eastern europe etc the german army certainly got around! but good for metal detectorists and historians.

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