WW2 German Mauser K98 Bayonet Restoration

In this video I will show restoration of the German K98 mauser bayonet. This bayonet has been in the ground for 78 years.

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  1. The time and effort to restore these items to working order is amazing!
    Preserving history good and bad is critical for us all.

  2. You should serious consider hot salt bluing or rust bluing. Way better than cold bluing, which isn't really even a true "bluing" process… it offers little to no surface rust protection.

  3. As soon as we get rid of all guns…..with my Presidents help….thank you Mr Biden….then next we will go after knives…they are so sharp and pointy! I am offended.

  4. По законам РФ у мастера Штык Нож
    А это уже холодное оружие. Полиция в пути)

  5. The fact that this guy probably has a display case of a bunch of WW2 Nazi stuff that’s like polished and well kept means that when he invites people over, they probably think he’s a Nazi if they don’t know his line of work. Keep it up bro, these videos are really fascinating

  6. Больше половины работ-пустая трата времени на продолжительность видео и видимости работ.

  7. I think that you ruined mechanical properties of blade by welding, but it could be repaired by hardening and tempering (i dont know exact composite that you are using for welding 🙂 )

  8. That bayonet was likely in a dump/burn pit after it's owner surrendered or died. Fascinating see that it survived so long and seeing it restored

  9. VERY Nice man!! I loved how you change from frame-to-frame whenever you were doing the welding and the filing of the knife; it reminded me of an intense movie scene. Also, the knife along with the casing in the pouch, would that black coating, reminded me of something that Batman carries around when he was with the League of shadows haha. 💯Great job, brother!

  10. What a beautiful job. Skill and patience wins the day. Somewhere there is a Kar-98 that's very happy to be reunited with this lovely bayonet.

  11. что с ним не делай а это оружие оно создано для войны ИДЕАЛ ткхники

  12. This is practically ASMR. Love watching the restorations. Theres a lot of interesting techniques that you use as well.

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