WW2 From India's Perspective | Animated History

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Dawn Without End – Zach Heyde
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    CORRECTIONS/CLARIFICATIONS: While the RSS were one of many groups in India that expressed sympathy or admiration for Hitler and/or his Fascist ideology, the true depth of their feelings remains a subject of debate both within and outside of India.

    We have been made aware of an error in the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as a translation error on our Japanese map. We have also received questions about the map of India and Pakistan presented when discussing the idea of partition: the map presented is not intended to accurately portray the borders of Indian and Pakistan, but rather to visually represent the idea of partition along ethno-religious lines.

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  2. Never in my learning of WW2 did I once say "I wonder what this was like from India's perspective". But this video was really interesting nonetheless lol Thank you

  3. All this hate for the British in the comments, yet India was still a more stable country under British rule than it is today – they still use the rail roads we built them.

  4. Just be grateful Britain did these things, if they had not used Indian troops and resources the war could have been very different. Ultimately hitler wouldn’t have spared the Indians nor much of the Asian countries.

  5. Thank you for making this. A lot of Indians know little about our own history and it's hard to counter colonialist narratives about it. An American once asked me 'both india and America were colonized by the British. Why is America thriving but you still have open sewers?' It was tone-deaf then as it is today but today I have a multitude of sources to point to to enlighten that ignoramus 🙂

  6. Your point about the RSS is straight up factually incorrect, they have never supported “Hitler’s methods” of genocide and mass killing. While some RSS leaders admired Nazi ideology before WWII (i.e. before anyone knew about plans for the Holocaust), those same leaders also admired the Jewish Zionist movement. So their ideology is far more complicated than you imply.

  7. I thought this would be an even handed production, but I am sorely mistaken. This is a propagandist production that is filled with so many errors, misrepresentationa and outright falsehoods in almost every frame. If you wish to do history do your research and do it right. Unless you are a pair propagandist and white washer.

  8. If the deaths of Chinese from starvation caused policies can be contributed to Mao. Then every starved Indian who died from British Imperial policies can be put on Churchill.

  9. The Indian famine of ww2 wasn’t caused just by over exploitation by the British government but also by Indian leaders both high up and lower down janking numbers around to look better. Truly such a sad 😞 and depressing nature of human beings, sacrificing others for opportunity.

  10. The purpose of Japan's war with China was not territorial ambition, but the eradication of the anti-Japanese movement and the reconciliation of the three countries of Manchuria and China. As US diplomat George Kennan said, the US mistakenly eliminated Japan's influence, resulting in the Soviet threat, communism of dictatorships in China and North Korea. The fact that the United States accidentally dropped the atomic bomb by sticking to the unconditional surrender of the Japanese army without listening to Japan's claim resulted in a cold war with the Soviet Union, communism, and China's dictatorship. As a result of excluding Japan, the United States will fight the Korean War. As a result of the United States and Britain mistakenly hunting down Japan, Japan collapsed its Western colonies with the aim of self-defense and liberation of Asia. The collapse of the Western colonies has realized peace through free trade and coexistence and co-prosperity through economic development. Currently, the threat of the Chinese Communist Party is threatening the world and Taiwan. The United States, Japan, Europe and Asia are protecting freedom, democracy and peace from the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.

  11. We know Bengal famine was caused by a Cyclone, fungus disease and ignorance by Bengal provincial government. Rice supplies were cut off as Burma was occupied + merchants were hoarding their supplies. Amartya Sen won a Noble prize proving that. Mukherjee is a non-historisn. You're basically parroting Indian nationalist propaganda

  12. A very well made video of the racial colonial approach to India and the struggles faced by Indians. Might I add the RSS that supported Hitler ideologies still exist and most members of the ruling party were members of the RSS, including the current prime minister.

  13. One thing that world war 2 has in common with Warhammer 40k is that the good guys in the story are only good guys by comparison. Much like the Imperium of men and the Tau Empire, every single allied nation has their fair share of tyranny and atrocities. Had Imperial Japan and the Third Reich be any less evil, they would have probably been remembered as liberators in some nations.

  14. India and Ireland are two countries which share a bond like no other. Their resources exploited , millions killed in British induced famines , brutal repression and ultimately divided countries. The deaths in the Irish and bengal famines are similar in number to that of the holocaust yet nobody talks about these incidents as they prove that the British were no less than the Nazis.

  15. The Indian Political Group RSS celebrated Hitler and even agreed with his concept of Racial Purity and the murder of millions of Jews.
    As an Indian I find this absolutely disgusting and such a nazi political party shouldn't be allowed to exist.

  16. Here in India we as far as I remember my teacher taught me that Indians were not involved in WW because of Gandhi…
    Man we keep growing up and learn new things everyday and also truth..

  17. INC 15:27 don't only represent Hindu majoritarian ,but multiculturalism from that time ,where obvious majority is hindus,initially I though this video is good ,but contains wrong information ,very bad

  18. Very wrond description of Gandhi,he resigned from congress in 1934,he don't represent INC but the view of ideal Society called as India,15:25 ,should correct u r information, comparing Gandhi to Jinnah -view that supported the radical islamist pakistani till today ,and even can be seen in their textbook

  19. A wonderful video. I would like to suggest 2 corrections:

    1) There can be drawn similarities in ideologies of RSS and Hitler; but that doesn't mean they were supporters were Hitler.
    2) Do not represent India as the Hindu side while partition. Pakistan might be the Muslim side. But India was never a (only) Hindu state.

  20. Well we Indians still haven't learned our lesson have we. We are still friends with UK and are allying with west leaving our culture and ideology behind. What happened to our spirits and what about paying the British back? We have 1.3 billion people. Even if 70 million people go to war we will win. What are we waiting for? Why are we not attacking? If you are an Indian and reading this have a backbone and fight for your country and people.

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