WW2 American & Japanese Veterans Meet Where They Once Fought | Once Were Enemies | Timeline

Two parallel stories of Japanese and American WWII enemies play out on the island where they fought 60 years prior. They meet face-to-face for the first time and their adventures take them into the jungle where remnants of their fighting still remain untouched.

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  1. gotta feel bad for Japanese soldiers soon after the war is over for there are multiple reports of Japanese soldiers in hiding in different Asian countries thinking that the war is still going on. i think the most recent Japanese soldier surrendered in 1974 in Philippines. his name was Hiroo Onoda. guy fought for 29 years AFTER WW2. his last comrades ended up getting killed by Philippine police/search party as the Japanese soldiers fought for survival (since they were attacking locals/villages to scavenge for supplies)
    read up on his story, its very interesting. and yes, the Philippine government forgave his 'crimes'

  2. I'm 36 and can vaguely remember from childhood every veterans day, memorial day, and probably even other days like Dec. 7 my town and neighboring towns would have events with WW2 veterans. There were a lot back then.

    The guy who went on to run the local Little League baseball for 50 years (driving the same truck for all 50) was a gunner on a B24. When he spoke at my elementary school it was the 1st time I learned about just how freezing it was, how you can't breathe the air, and how thin/non-existent their protection was.

    The Navajo Code Talkers came too. They were on the ground and had experiences similar to the men in this video, plus being from the most marginalized group in the country (Indians) from the BFE desert sent 10,000 miles to the jungle with the US military (think back about Indians and the military).

    The code talkers were around the area so much, and I was such a dumb kid, I kind of took them for granted. IIRC Indians were legally non-citizen wards of the federal government until 1924, about when those guys were born, but they were patriotic and proud of what they did. Last I heard there was a grand total of 4 left alive.

  3. This is a really great doumentary, apart from one thing. I wish the American guide would stop smiling and laughing when he's telling the Japanese guys about the history of the island. It may be nerves, but it comes across as so disrespectful imo

  4. amazing to see the end and them all walking back together war is rarely fought because of the hatred of the people your fighting and i think this goes to show we are all the same

  5. sad to watch this part of history.but at the same time very happy 4 WW2 vets 2 americans and 2 japanese finally got to meet after 60hrs they fought each other and now can be friends.

  6. I hope they find his friend he buried by the tree and lay him to rest. Hopefully the find all or most of those bones and lay them all to rest. I love this story! Best YouTube story I e seen so far❤

  7. Any good human will have tears watching this at moments. When they met, my heart melted of joy, seeing whom once were enemies sit together smiling, laughing and meeting each other.

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