Worst War Crimes Committed by the United States During WW2

The United States comes out of World War 2 looking like a hero, but their hands are far from clean. Check out some of the worst war crimes the US has committed during WW2. Could you believe some of the horrendous stuff the US government allowed to happen or is all fair in love and war? You decide after watching today’s new video!


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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.


  1. The Dachau incident was justified. The SS demons were simply getting a taste of their own medicine. I guarantee that the ghosts of their victims were watching the massacre and laughing.

  2. I mean at the end of the day if you found out that the people you fighting against literally gassed people on a daily basis, you wouldnt see them as humans anymore. Imagine walking into a concentration camp and seeing dead bodies littered everywhere and hearing about the brutal experiments the nazi's did on people. I'll be honest I don't know if I would have refrained from executing them too

  3. 1 and 3 are terrible, with 2 I don't see how running pest control by killing some rabid subhuman animals that ran a death camp and had the blood of tens of thousands of civilians on their hands can be a crime. So far as I am concerned the soldiers that killed those guards are innocent by reason of insanity after the depravity of their 'victims' broke their brains.

  4. Isn't nuking civilians of country unable to sustain war any longer a bigger war crime? Or making concentration camps for Japanese civilian in the US? Or bombing a neutral country like Switzerland?

  5. Roosevelt and his administration were racist. They placed Japanese in camps during the Second World War. How was this racist? There were NO camps for Germans on the East coast.

  6. This video dishonors all American Soldiers and Marines of WW2. USA and Britian we're by far the most Kind to POWs, but obviously there is always bad stories from both sides. The difference is who is Leading each country and do the People of the Country have a say.

  7. If a cop shoots a surrendering murderer who had shot, burned, and ate alive his victims, THAT DOES NOT PUT THE COP IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS THE MURDERER! The cop is still good if he kills a murderer, and the murderer is still evil and worthy of being killed for hurting innocent people.
    This video falsely attempts to equate these two morally distinct people. Ridiculous.

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