World War Two animated: Western Front 1940

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It is early 1940. The Allies are counting on a long war and are slowly building up their forces to go on offensive the next year. It is in Germanys interests to attack the Allies as soon as possible to have the best chance for victory. On May 10th 1940 it launches an all out attack on France and the Low countries, beginning the Battle of France.

This video uses the assets originally created for the World War Two channel:

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  1. There I story I heard one time on Reddit don’t know if it’s true or not, but the ghist of it is that 2 French soldiers were able to hold a bridge against Italian forces for 1 week

  2. La plus grosse défaite qu'ont est jamais subie très encré dans l'incontient collectif une humiliation
    Je m'en remets tjrs pas de voir hitler en photo devant la tour eiffel les même frissons toujours
    Mais pas de haine envers les allemands
    J'espère que cette leçon nous servira pour le futur
    Et que vous serez plus jamais sur notre route en tant que ennemie

  3. I am really curious to find out how you traced all division movements. I would be very interested to watch a video of you explaining the "making of" these map videos. Would be awesome!

  4. I think Putin and his Generals based their entire war off videos like this. Thinking "It looked so easy in 1940".
    Think of how many soldiers and civilians each one of the flags or lines or dots on this map represents.
    There is no punishment harsh enough for anybody who would commit such an atrocity. Think of the worst kind of torture or death you can imagine. Still not harsh enough.

  5. The armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands did not completely lay down their arms after the German ultimatum.
    The main part of the troops capitulated but
    2 divisions in the south during the attack were cut off from the main forces and 2 days helped deter the Germans.
    After the breakthrough of the front he surrendered. 🇳🇱🏳
    It is often written that the Netherlands capitulated on the sixth day of Battle 4, and some write that in 6 days taking into account the details.

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