World War II veterans pay respects at US cemetery in Normandy

Harold McMurran of New Market, Alabama, almost didn’t make the trip for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, but said the visit had brought him some peace.

World War II veterans return to Normandy for 75th D-Day anniversary: ‘You can’t forget’



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  1. these men, like my grandfather who passed in 2018 he was in the army he drove landing boats in the Philippines to liberate and then they were captured there! they are by far the best generation they are so much more than a generation that we have now, we are told men today are toxic and don't have definitions for what a woman or a man is anymore, those were men.

  2. I’m French 🇫🇷 and I hate the USA and it’s people and goverment bring them dead Yankees home

  3. WWll was when the US fought for what is right, your country has changed me dear heroes, GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE❤

  4. Eternal rest Grant them Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them, may they and all our faithful departed, rest in peace 🙏🌹🕯️

  5. These veterans and most veterans are sickened by what our ‘leaders?’are doing to our great nation. Shameful. Appalling

  6. We should never forget what war is, War is something that nobody wants it's bad and ugly but as long as we are together no matter what race you are if you are american and love this country we all have to stick together to keep this nation strong. Our freedom and liberty mean so much to those who never made it home.

  7. Ye hypocrites! are these your pranks? 
    To murder men and give God thanks! 
    Desist, for shame!-proceed no further; 
    God won't accept your thanks for Murther!  Robert Burns 1793

  8. These men sacrificed so much, they bled, lost family, brothers in arms and got mutilated all for freedom and now you abc are part of what's wrong with america. The media reports their own narrative and is assisting in the destruction of this proud country, shame on you.

  9. Thank You so much men of honor from all allied nations who served, words alone could not express gratitude or come close to measure your courage and sacrifice.

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