1. My great grandmother wrote letter to my mom and all her cousins telling them to "don't send your children to war." My grandfather and all his brothers faught in war and what I got out of it was they all came back different.

    Even my mom was saying that even though her uncle returned from the war, ptsd screwed him so bad that a phone ringing would throw him into this mood of "the enemies trying to attack"

  2. i would like to know the reaction of that jp soldier

    like.. was he like why do i have to bother to get a flag i loved when I was in that gay phase..

    or was it like omg is it the flag that gives me so many memmories with my best friends with whom i happened to get drafted

    or something in between

  3. id never understand any single japanese character written in that Japanese flag,,but it mekes chilling effect to me as id seen that flag,,Marvin was right,it is sacred..thanks Marvin,,i feel the spirit of how those soldiers gone thru in that period of war..long live the Veteran…makes me cry

  4. such a incredible story it makes my heart fill with pride our military goal has always been to keep USA safe but we lead by Example with our hearts first and foremost and our Allies. my dad was in the navy in WW2 on a destroyer.

  5. This is pure proof that the war was fought by the people
    But demanded by the government
    That man held no hate to the Japanese soldier,that soldier could have killed dozens of his comrades
    And still he looked at him and saw a person
    Not an enemy
    Because they weren’t enemies
    They were two men,sons of two different mothers,who just wanted to get home to their families

  6. Tarawa and Saipan Veteran, this man experienced combat beyond belief. What an absolute warrior, honouring a past enemy and now friend. Still switched at 0326 hrs on an international flight. For that flag to be returned to the family is phenomenonal itself, but all the writings/markings on that flag are from Japanese soldiers of that man's unit, that right there is truly a priceless and timeless piece of history, many warriors have handled and imprinted themselves on that relic.

  7. The body language of both of these guys at the end says it all: wish we didn’t have to go to war because of other people. We could’ve been bros.

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