World War II: The Wehrmacht – Documentary | Second World War – Allies in Pacific, Germany & Italy

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At the outbreak of war in 1939, the German Army was one of the finest fighting forces in the world.

No other army since Napoleon’s ‘Grand Armee’ had begun a war with such resounding conquests and victories and ended it in such total defeat.

This documentary looks at the Allies across Italy, Germany and The Pacific.

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  1. It is nice have a documentary that actually Wehrmacht, the OKW, OKR, etc., rather than conflating it with army which of course the Heer. That always bugs me. One thing. You mention the "Blitzkrieg". The Germans were know for using maneuver warfare and they adapted it to use the tank and aircraft. But they never called it Blitzkrieg. That was term coined by Western journalists and was only seen in a few propaganda posters that the Germans put. That was never term used by the Wehrmacht used to describe their tactics. Thanks I am enjoying your series.

  2. The truth is the German army was NOT the best by a long way, they were incredibly well organised with typical German efficency and in the early stages usually had technical superiority and numbers, as the war lagged the allies became more proficient on an individual basis the German was a tough fighter but VERY reliant on the echelon of rank and when officers got killed the ordinary German soldiers were USUALLY not well co ordinated at all. When the guy presenting this says it was NOT beacause of MORE equipment that is just crap….just look at how they won their conflicts..initially…with NOT just tactics but NUMERS…take the battle of Britain..the Germans had MANY TIMES more planes than the British but could NOT beat a people with at least as good weapons and more reason to fight…with superior numbers the Germans LOST this fight… this presentation is very biassed, incorrect and just dumb..but he has a good voice! The again so did Goebells. Liddel Hart wrote some good history books.

  3. The attack on the USSR stretched Germany beyond the limits of it's manufacturing, manpower and military abilities… the declaration of war upon the United States simply sealed Germany's doom. Hitler's hubris bit off more than Germany could chew and worsened it by some very bad military decisions on his part. A general or "military genius" he was not- a tragic fool with more power than wisdom. 🤕

  4. They should have went to Ika. Plane's Tank's should have been done in piece work and brought together in flat pack. The mobility and number's of these machines would have given the ability to wage a war of their choosing.

  5. All we see is how hilter was. Who was giving hilter and the nazis their money ? Who were the business men supporting them. What was the role of the future Pope in their birth before and especially after their fall. No the media wants us to just focus on hilter. Not ask those really important questions

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