World War II: The Panzer – Full Documentary

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‘The Panzer’ the history of Germany’s legendary ‘Battle Tanks’ during the Second World War.

With veterans of the ‘Panzertruppe’ this film documents with accuracy, the development and effects the various marks of Panzer through vivid recollections, depicts the experiences shared by crews, of going into battle in their steel chariots, knowing perfectly well that within one blazing moment, their tanks could become steel coffins.

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  1. We are so fortunate that Hitler was an idiot, if a simple soldier with common sense was in charge the Germans could have methodically taken over maybe the entire world, the beginning he rolled through one country after another, the most idiotic and ego driven decision to start fighting the Russians at the same time the British and Americans was insane. His ego made him take on too much, his generals must've seen this obvious mistake, but they probably just said yes without using common sense, thank God hitler turned out to be a psychopath without common sense.

  2. I can't help wondering what impact would the centurion tank have had on the Normandy and later campaigns if it had been brought out a year earlier than it was. Especially any tiger to centurion duels..

  3. Yet another great video. However, it sounds to me like the interview translations weren't comprehensive and simplified. Unfortunate. Also, the hell is a "tank can"?

  4. NAZI arrogance and stupidity with their so called amazing engineering. Give me a break! These sociopaths screwed themselves from Day 1 by following a delusional sadistic little man with a lil mustache. I can give two shits about the Nazi perspective of these weak minded sheep. For ALL I care the German Nazi “soldiers” should be burning in hell for eternity. 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  5. It would have been NICE if honorable German Soldiers could have been the decision makers for the German Army during that invasion of Poland. The sad part is Poland would have been so happy to fight Russian Communist as allies of Germany. Hitler did not know how to judge “friend vs foe.”

  6. The video says 70 Tigers were destroyed at Kursk – that's not true. You should do some research instead of repeating Soviet propaganda.

    In fact the whole video has a problem of showing us tanks that are not the ones being spoken about at that moment.

  7. They really play up Guderian in this documentary. Historians tell a different story today since all the archives are becoming more open and the source documents can be studied instead.

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