World War II: The Fighter Aces | Full Movie (feature Documentary)

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An unbiased account of the top German Fighter Aces of the Second World War. Through exclusive interviews with the surviving few, this film portrays the exploits and achievements of such great Pilots as Adolf Galland, Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Erich Hartmann, Emil Lang and Hans Joachim Marseille.

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  1. I could only bare listening for a couple of minutes.
    The narration is in limited, broken English and so weird and badly drafted it is very much a Parody of a documentary.
    The comments are hilarious and irritating in equal measure.
    " you are only a boy of bad education" weird nerds πŸ€“

  2. Helmut Lent did not make his kills in the 109. He was a Nachtjager.
    Night Hunter and flew the ME110. I think he had several kills in the 109
    But the majority in the two engine type. Number 2 Night Fighter Experten and was killed in a flying accident, during the war.
    He was awarded the Diamonds as well.

  3. These pilots, while brave, fought for a mass-murderous regime. They all knew what was going on in concentration camps. They knew because Hitler had explicitly said and written it. Skilled and brave, sure. Hardly "chivalrous" though. Anti-semites one and all.

  4. Sir. This was a FANTASTIC film. My lifelong dream since the age of 5 or 6 was to fly an ME-109. I've often gotten weird looks even from close friends throughout my life thinking I'm secretly pro-nazi because I'd talk about and admire these pilots (my family is of German descent, but lost family on both sides of the war). Being able to REALLY look into the lives of some of these guys through their own voices was incredible, and you set the pace BRILLIANTLY. I had finished reading the biographies of both Galland and Hartmann by age 9 and even went to Germany on a tour with my father to meet Erich as well as other veterans, but he died a month or so before it happened. Thank you so much for the film!

  5. I think the German claims are ridiculously inflated. The Japanese fought just as long a duration as did the British and Russians but never claimed such ludicrous number of kills. Just 2 Germans claimed 600 Russian planes. I'd love to see the Russian squadron logs. Absolutely impossible.

  6. What horseshit. Once the Poles got their spitfires, they got what they deserved. They fought for a evil, mad leader, and they died under thousands of B-17s and B-24s.

  7. at 6.22, "would these Luftwaffe airmen be properly backed" then I would be talking German instead of Dutch and although my Family name is German indeed I am intensely happy to speak my native language. No doubt they were brave and skillful men but what does it mean if brave men fight for a regime that seeks to eradicate a complete people and enslave the rest of us. I do not like the tone and semantics of this mock "documentary" made by someone that clearly regrets having lost WW2. All this in Proper English but not good enough to hide the fact that the voice-over is a German one. It would have been a good thing to honor these brave men and in addition point at the disturbing cause they sacrificed their lives for.

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  11. Let me say one thing about the German flying aces. There is a list in which a little more than 100 German fighter pilots are named. The worst pilot, so to speak, had a little more than 100 kills and the best "Bubi Hartmann" 352. These are the German aces of fighter pilots. A German pilot of the Second World War said one thing about the high number of kills of the Germans in contrast to the significantly lower number of the Allied aces: In the 6 years of the war we had enough opponents that we could shoot down. The sky was always full of enemies. The American pilots, for example, usually only flew for 6 months and towards the end of the war hardly saw any German aircraft in the sky. Since the video tells something about Adolf Galland and he is shown here with some comments, I have a very good tip for those who are really interested in how the German fighter pilots lived, fought and died during the war. I attach the book by Adolf Galland to my heart, which has the title "The First and the Last" Gloss and Downfall of the German Fighter Pilots. It is a biography of Galland and tells the historically correct story of the German fighter pilots. He wrote the book himself. Mfg. Magnus. Ps: After Galland flew an Me-262 for the first time he said: It's like an Angel is pushing.

  12. With all due respect to the man, I find it difficult to accept Rall stating that they did not know about concentration camps. Because in the 5yrs before 1939, the German state sanctioned policies for the systematic victimisation of the Jews and other "undesirables" to eradicate them from German society. These people lost all employment, the theft of their property, and – ultimately – starved to death in the streets. The German public throughout the country knew, and were complicit in ALL of this in line with following the accepted German policies. By the sanctioned targeting and extermination of these ethnic groups from German society, how can any German alive at that time now claim ignorance to the fact?

  13. I think, currently, the holder of the highest fighter kills (in air to air combat) is an F-16 pilot in the Israeli Air Force, with a total of 15 victories. πŸ‘

  14. The memorial (at 19.26) to Hans Joachim Marseilles' memory was built on the spot where he was killed in the North African desert. As his epitaph, it has only one word on it: "UNDEFEATED". Marseilles' 158 victories stands as the highest score achieved by any axis pilot, entirely against the western allies.

  15. The German kills were inflated because there word was the only thing needed for confirmation of victory. Soviet pilots had to fly back and confirm the downing of planes and needed someone else to go check validity too

  16. So sad that nobody write on Russian language. It's mean that they doesn't watch this video. АнгличанС Π±ΠΈΠ»ΠΈ Π›ΡŽΡ„Ρ‚Ρ„Π°Ρ„Ρ„Π΅ – ΠΊΠ°ΠΊ Π½ΠΈΠΊΡ‚ΠΎ!

  17. 18:47 He sounds a lot like The Falcon of Malta, George Beurling. Amazing aerial marksmanship & very unmilitary pilots. Lol, after one successful mission Beurling flew up a harbor on the island upside down to show off for the civilians lmao.

  18. Congratulations on your 100th birthday, Mr. Hugo Broch! 06.01.22 . He is the best fighter Pilot alive with 81 victorys. All the best and health! Or as we aviators say β€žHals und Beinbruch " ! As far as I know, you are the last living fighter pilot with a knight's cross.

  19. To many brave and intelligent aviators on both sides lost their lives in world war II because of One Mad Man's ability to brainwash a nation and his Fascination of having world Dominance , let's pray that this will not happen again πŸ™

  20. Wish they wouldn't add generic plane noises to these videos. Goes for most documentaries, stupid and majority false noise over footage. It's just misleading.

  21. Some were real Heroes, like Ulrich Rudel, who sacrificed himself to save his shot-down colleagues, on enemy territory. They inspire admiration. Others did their duty diligently, keeping a cool head and full professionalism, like Erich Hartmann, Gunter Rall and many, many others. These deserve respect.
    But in the ranks of Luftwaffe – there were also some knights of the skies who deliberately and meticulously fired their on-board guns at the columns of evacuating civilians that scattered in terror across the fields. As well as such aces – who, while piloting the Ju 87 "Stuka" precisely, bombed the hospital, marked with huge symbols of the Red Cross, spread on the roof (Warsaw, September 1939…).

  22. Great doc, thanks. Like they say after 3rd WW war, all will be using sticks and stones, in 4th WW war, bow and arrows, then back to mechanical war. Nothing will every change' Just opinion from this senior Canuck

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