World War II: The Battleships – Full Documentary

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The story of Germany’s Great Battleships during the Second World War. With graphic recollections from veterans of the ‘Kriegsmarine’, this film depicts the rise during Hitler’s Naval Expansion programme, Plan Z, through to the ultimate destruction by the allies, of The Schlesig Holstein, The Scharnhorst, The Admiral Scheer, The Gneisenau, The Graf Spee, The Tirpitz and finally the legendary Bismarck.

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  1. First of all, The battle of Heilgoland Blight (SP sorry) was between British and German Imperial Navy Battle Cruisers. Also the German navy of 1914-1918 was NEVER called Army so the bit about German Army Battleships is very wrong. Very Very Very poor documentary.

  2. Real title should be the NAZI battleships of WW II. Who titled this some present US revisionist history major college freshman?

  3. Showing Yamato at thumbnail photo BUT No Yamato. F this Bshit documentary. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. I love hearing information that i already know something about but in real life have no idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks Internet!!! Oh and Drachinifel!

  5. When my grandpa was 14 , he got a job mopping the deck in NY somewhere and they took him straight to ww2 . Great story

  6. I read somewhere German sailors at Jutland throwing bits of British shells overboard and laughing, and this video certainly deserves the same fate from any quarter. Sophistication level is pin the tail on the donkey, idle guesses to explain how Hood and Bismarck met, why Hood sank, etc. Someone commented Christ Jesus, but surely the appropriate sequence is Jesus Christ, a sketchy logic sponsored by HB pencils.

  7. Over 3 minutes of footage before even so much as an introduction? Sadly, that's only too representative of the low quality of this so-called 'documentary'.

  8. Graspt move no note them a lose fauter find double c tank too I'm impueral tank it barrel one roll same distroy blat war tank impurty

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