World War II: The Battle of Midway | Full Movie (Feature Documentary)

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By attacking Midway atoll, at the far western end of the Hawaiian chain, the Japanese hoped to lure the US Pacific Fleet into the open sea and destroy it. Instead, due to superb US intelligence and costly Japanese tactical errors, the attack marked the destruction of the Japanese Fleet and the end of Tokyo’s supremacy in the Pacific Ocean. This super film portrays the momentous battle in a day-by-day account.

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  1. The summatiion at the end that America won against a superior force is wrong, or debatable. The japanese had an extra fleet carrier, 4 to 3. The japanese had 248 carrier based aircraft, to the american 233. So Right there, the extra carrier is only providing 15 more aircraft on top off 233.. hardlly superiority to note. But in fact, the americans had 127 land based air craft, to the japapanese total lack of any, so in fact if we blindly looked at attack ability, the americans were the superior force. The land based aircraft proved useless, but they might have been useful in a different play of the cards. The japanese had a bunch of battleships there to the americans having no battleships there. But they proved useless. So its debatable.. why include battleships, why include the B17s ?

  2. It just blows my mind that the Japanese actually thought that by attacking us in Pearl Harbor they would crush our spirits and we would cower in fear…unwilling to fight back. Although we had much fear, we did not cower.We came together as a people.We took care of business on the home-front and we stuck by our Allies. We kicked ass. God bless America.

  3. A mention should be made of the US cryptanalysis that broke the Japanese codes that contained the messages that Midway was to be attacked. Truly brilliant work that paid off big time.

  4. 45:07
    Cheesusgawdalmighty look at the horizon fly past the stern as this carrier engages in evasive maneuvering!!!.
    That deck surface LOOKS like it's moving 15MPH SIDEWAYS.
    (Took me a moment to realize that's the stern, not the bow, so we're looking at the horizon rotating closely about the rudder axis rather than seeing the horizon fly sideways like you might see when looking forward past the bow). The ship tilting OUTWARDS from the center of gravity and radius of the turning circle, as large ships do, adds some MORE excitement to the deck there.
    You'd have a hard time standing THERE, like trying to stand upright on a conveyor belt that's sliding downwards away from you.

    "Notice how the aircraft bounces on the flight deck."

    And notice the two airmen just under the left wing trying NOT to bounce as they move away from the aircraft.
    (Or maybe just the pilot, with all his gear. It took me two viewings to verify it was one or two people and not just some smudges on the film).

  5. It couldn't be more misleading. Almost everything looked different than narrative portrays. Japanese decks were entirely empty, not full or planes that were just being rearmed. Operation AL at Aleutian was not intended to deceive Americans, etc., etc., etc

  6. To all the Latinos and Mexican Americans that fought for the U S. Thank you for fighting fir freedom as well. You are truly the original Americans of North America. Thank you to the other original Americans, the Native Americans.

  7. I like watching the real footage of all the soldiers who served in the various conflicts, so much honour and respect for the allied forces, rest in peace to the ones who passed away and wishing many more happy and joyful days to the surviving veterans, you will never be forgotten πŸ‘

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