World War II: The Battle of Kursk – Full Documentary

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The tidal wave of the German advance had lost momentum when it broke against the outskirts of Moscow; the cold Russian winter had saved the city.

Now the two most powerful armies on earth were to meet face to face in this ‘Clash of the Titans’. This is the true story of the greatest tank battle the world has ever seen, which resulted in the ultimate defeat of Hitler’s Panzers.

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  1. It's hard hearing the narrator with all the noise in the background. Why didn't they produce this in a studio where they could control that? It's nothing but solid unidentifiable noise, especially at 6:30

  2. Why don't the Geneva conventions rule that no one is allowed to fight on citizens private property? Think about it. Probably because no one would fear retribution and from who.

  3. "The battle lasted only two weeks." That depends on who you talk to.

    As to the most decisive battle of WWII, I'd score that for Midway.

    Oh, and not all Soviet citizens are Russians. You shouldn't be calling them "Russians" because more than half were not Russian.

  4. 56 minutes long & not until minute 40 does it seem the Russians are achieving any success. Visuals great, but the producers only interview 'nostalgic' Germans, rather than the victors, the Russians. The narrative? It sounds different than Showalter's Iron and Steel and also Toppell's Kursk 1943. By the time Hitler called it off his Army Group Center was practically disintegrated. In the battle of attrition, the Russians could afford to lose more men and machines each day because they had replacements. The Germans did not. When 'Citadel' was over, the Russian path into Germany was made far easier than before Citadel began.

  5. No, the most important battle was Stalingrad. The NAZI loss at Stalingrad denied HItler the oil that he needed to continue the war. The NAZIs failed to cut the Volga, the largest Russian transport artery to the south. And Stalingrad represented the annihilation of the German 6th Army and the loss of half a million men. Stalingrad changed the Soviet and NAZI psychologies regarding the nature of the war. After Stalingrad, except for the 3rd conquest of Kharkov, the NAZIs, never won another major battle. Kursk is in Russia, not Ukraine. You need more practice with sound management. For example, at 4:45 the sound of the rolling vehicles drowns out the narrator, and again at 23:45 the war sounds drown out the narrator. The correct pronunciation of Катюша is Ka-tyu-sha, not Ka-tee-u-sha. "One Luftwaffe pilot scored twelve victories." You mean, the racist NAZI pilot shot down twelve Russian planes, killing — twelve pilots? At 47:50 the narrator says "Germany could derive some comfort from the fact, that although defeated in the battle, they had inflicted major damage on the Russian Army." What the hell? "Comfort" because they had again killed thousands of Russians in Russia? God damn racist NAZI-German bastards. At the end, the NAZI officer says that the main mistake had been the starting point. The main mistake was that Hitler and the Germans were racists. Hitler said that the war was a war of annihilation. He intended to kill all the Russians, except for those kept as slaves. Moscow was to be turned into a lake. Disgusting.

  6. It must’ve been absolutely terrifying to be anywhere near that lot going on. I don’t know how anyone survived it. Most didn’t I guess. It appears that all the dead of both sides on the eastern front battles, were just pulled into the trenches, with all their gear, ammunition, belongings, rifles, machine guns, gas masks, still wearing their helmets, vehicles, everything just dumped in any hole and covered up. Nowadays, you can watch people from all over Eastern Europe dig up these places, using metal detectors, they unearth all the rifles, guns, daggers, bodies still in uniform, still wearing their helmets after 75 years in the trenches, they are dug up, and their rusty helmets end up on eBay for an amount far larger than it should be, but people still buy them. And everything else the diggers dig up. Put ‘digging up the eastern front’ or ‘ww2 metal detecting’ etc in YouTube and you can see these brave young fighters dug out of their graves for their relics to be sold on eBay. It’s sad. Some groups repatriate soldiers to their home countries, but you can tell that is far from the normal practice. The things they find are incredible. Everything was just left.

  7. Absolutely terrifying. Guaranteed there would be a few more deep holes in the ground with me at the bottom of them Can't imagine how the men were able to accomplish what they did.Brave men on both sides.Lest we forget.

  8. the allied forces responsible for the communist victory it's even spread in Asia in some parts of eroupe communist spread like a plague now it's more dangerous than the nazi

  9. The film clips used in this are all over the place such as talking about the Panther while showing Tiger B models. Then moving on to a clip that shows a panzer 2 and a panzer 3. Ridiculous.

  10. Germany lost WWII when they didn't win it by knocking England and the Russians out of the war in 1940 and 1941. Then Hitler stupidly declares war on the United States. The Axis was overwhelmed by the vast production power of Britain, Russian and especially the United States.

  11. 17:15 and all the footage around it! How do you fight in that chaos? I know you’re with your tribe and clearly are committed to take out the other tribe and you’re trained and all that, I can understand that, but fuck I think I’d freeze into a puddle of piss, I’d love to imagine myself brave and bathed in glory, but this footage is insane and terrifying. Sometimes I think I’ve seen all the best footage from ww2, but this is mind blowing stuff.

  12. During this battle my grandfather was in artillery, commanded a gun (from Russian side) destroyed a German tank, was awarded an order, was wounded twice. After he was heavily wounded (the second time) they send him to hospital and he was out of war.

  13. If Hitler had not postponed the offensive for 3 months, and given the Soviets time to build up multi-layered defences and lay massive minefields, the outcome could have been much different.

  14. Read "The Tigers are Burning" by Martin Caidin if you want a seriously in depth book on this battle. The sheer number of men and equipment is mind boggling. The single greatest land and air combat engagement in military history. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  15. What a brutal encounter of masses of men and machinery! Kursk still remains the biggest single battle in the history of warfare! After this, is was all downhill for the Germans! A simple case of quantity overcoming quality!

  16. Yes, on the ground it's the artillery that does most of the killing. It's not called "The King of Battle" for nothing. I guess with all the new "smart weapons" Tac air is just as deadly. I'm glad that I'm now too old for such things but I worry about great grand kids that I may have someday and who they may have to fight in the future.

  17. After the Battle of Kursk, it was all over bar the shouting. D-day and the Liberation of Paris were just the icing on the cake, the Battle of the Ardennes the Nazis' last hurrah. Kursk brought the Russians into Eastern Europe proper- and it was just a matter of time after that.
    The lesson of WWII: You need a truly evil bastard to defeat another truly evil bastard. Winston Churchill had been an evil bastard at times (sending the Black and Tans into Ireland and soldiers against Welsh miners at Tonypandy and bombing Baghdad)- but he couldn't really hold his own against Hitler by himself, even with the able help of "Bomber" Harris. De Gaulle was just massively arrogant and FDR was basically a good man. So Stalin and the Red Army ended up doing most of the work.

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