World War II (short version)

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This video is a summary of the main stages of the Second World War. Let’s retrace on a map the origins, course and consequences of the deadliest war in history.


English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit

French version (original):
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Music: “Intentions” – “Anno Domini Beats” (YouTube Library)
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  1. As an Indian I support Germany, Germany and other countries should have attacked UK the moment it started colonizing.

  2. 7:40 this is literally what I call, digging your own grave. Japan activated the might of US and challenged it. This was I guess, the time, when the world got to know US's real powers.

  3. Until the US came into action, not even a single ally was able to even cause a minor scratch to nazis. And once US was in, it all changed. It really feels like any Hollywood movie.

  4. World war 2 Kazakh heroes saved country USSR
    Baurzhan Momushyly.
    Alia Moldagulova.
    Manshuk Mametova.
    Rahyzhan Koshkarbaev.

    But Iosif Stalin was hiding history, that Kazakh were strong.
    Kazakh were strong.

  5. The purest definition of "miracle" – how the allies won without having a single support

  6. why does every fucking 'historian' mention the nationalist aspect of nazi politics but completely disregard the socialism? all major parties in every country are nationalistic. its the socialist ideology that is evil. NOT nationalist.

  7. you forgot to. mention that Ukraine Belarus Poland lithuania Latvia and Estonia were left occupied by Russians and west forgot about that.. or did they?

  8. The contribution of the USSR to the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II was at least 75% of the total efforts of the allied forces that fought against the armies of the Third Reich, according to calculations made in the Soviet Union at the beginning of 1945 under the auspices of the then People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs (NKID).

    The document "Draft formula for reparations with Germany" sent by Deputy Foreign Commissar Ivan Maisky to the head of the Soviet Foreign Ministry Vyacheslav Molotov on February 4, 1945, details the calculation of the costs that, as of January 1, 1945, the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition contributed to the defeat of Nazism. According to the figures obtained, in the battles with the Soviet troops from June 22, 1941, Germany spent 5.2 million soldier days, and in the battles with the armies of England, France and the United States from September 4, 1939, the Third Reich spent only 894 soldier days.

    "In other words, England, France and the United States account for only 14.5% of the soldier days spent by Germany in the fight against its main enemies. The USSR, on the contrary, accounts for 85.5%, that is, almost 6 times more. These are the absolute figures ", – the document says.
    Further, the picture was considered taking into account the population of the USSR, England, USA and France.

    "Even in the most favorable case for our allies (that is, if we take only one population of the metropolitan countries), the relative expenditure by Germany of soldier days on the Soviet-German front is almost 7 times higher than that on other allied fronts. If we take the least favorable for our allies case (that is, take into account the entire population of their empires as a whole), it turns out that the number of soldier days spent by Germany on the Soviet front exceeds this number on other allied fronts 25 times. the expenditure of German forces on the Soviet front exceeds the same expenditure on other allied fronts by at least 10 times, "the document of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR noted.

    "On average, over 4 years, about four-fifths of all German tank forces were on the German-Soviet front and only about one-fifth on the Allied fronts <…> About two-thirds of the German air force was on the Soviet-German front and only about one third on the Allied fronts ", – stated in the document.

    “So, the number of soldier days spent by Germany on the Soviet front exceeds that on all other allied fronts by at least 10 times. The Soviet front has also pulled back four-fifths of German tanks and about two-thirds of German aircraft over the past 3.5 years. Even if we make an amendment for the activities of the allied fleet, as well as for the military operations of other nations (Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Greece), we can still say with full justification that the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of the enemy was no less than 75 % of the total amount of allied efforts directed towards this goal, "- summarized in the material of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs.

  9. Me: Mom can we watch OverSimplified?
    Mom: We have OverSimplified at home
    Oversimplified at home:

  10. I like this video – it uses the rotating Earth as its background. Where generals and powerful figures and the eccentric human beings who might think that they were of a different species, a higher one, wanted to expand, but expand to where? Nowhere but this rotating planet.

  11. China actually would of been an Axis power if they weren't invaded by Japan because of their close ties with Germany

  12. Quite a insufficient video. There was mentioned civil war in Spain (OK) but not the Russian invasion try to Finland (Winter war)! It was one result of the Ribbentrop / Molotov pact! And the pact was the planned start for the WW2. Russian was as guilty for the war than Germany

  13. 8:33 excuse me I didnt hear that right? Who would tell a mass murdering psychopath killer who kills gays for comfort that "hey im homosexual" Can you just tell them you got it wrong, im definitely straight guy so that you dont get killed?

  14. Greedy Emperyalist/ kapitalist racist country and uneducated religious diktators out , Humanity and peace in

  15. I think you have a mistake on the map,5:40 the island rhodes was belongs to italy and not to greece,only after the war the island became a part from greece

  16. I have a question. Why is Russia called Eurasian, when, for example, Serbia is called European?

  17. By 1940 Germany had a landmass the size of the state of Texas. In hindsight, do you that should have been enough living space.

  18. Hitler be like before world war 2: HAHA! I'LL CONQUER THE WORLD!
    Hitler be like after world war 2: Why we still here?, Just to suffer?

  19. Do not forget about the Polish resistance movement and Polish aviators fighting in the Battle of Britain (No. 303 Squadron RAF)

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