World War II: Prisoners of War – Full Documentary

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During World War II, captured service personnel of the axis and allied forces found themselves incarcerated as prisoners of war.

This fascinating documentary outlines the treatment and personal experiences of the many millions that were taken captive during the conflict.

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  1. German POW held in Va. Beach Virginia, at the end of the war the enlisted were sent back to Germany and the officers were given asylum if they wanted to stay in America.

  2. I know the fates of three POWs from our village. They all were captured in 1942. One of them was my great-grandfather. He managed to escape from the POW camp. He got back to the ranks and was killed in the battle at Leningrad in 1944.
    The second and the third ones were his neighbours. One of them agreed to serve the Germans and distributed scarce food among the POWs. He often beat them and taunted them with food, humiliated them. Another man from our village recognized him and told that he would find and kill him.
    After the war the collaborationist came back first. Then in 1946 returned his neighbour who had sworn to kill him. When the man who collaborated with the Germans heard about it he went to the river and drowned himself.
    After the war only about a quarter of our men made it back to the village alive.

  3. There were many POWs from Russian held areas that volunteered to change sides and fight for the Germans. After the war most were sent back to Russia and were shot. Also many from the Baltic States fought for the Germans. Some were allowed to stay in the West, but those who were sent back were either sent to a Gulag or shot.

  4. 15:10: How did the guy manage to escape once in Canada and flee to America only to return to Germany? Forgive me if you answer this question further on, but that is a story on it's own, and I hope you address it.

  5. Scanner dere min kropp ser dere bare jeg blir tilbyd våpen jeg gidder da vell fan ikke kjøpe meg våpen på gata så vemm selger våpen til Kids på gata i Norge Oslo?

  6. What do you never see is American prisoner of war camps of World War II where hundreds of thousands of people died as well no we're not going to shoot that none of the righteous United States which started in the country with raping butchering and murdering the native people no they're not going to show that Hitler is a Schoolboy compared to what this country has done and will do

  7. Germany abided by the Geneva Convention with POWS in an exemplary manner as long as they could – the shortage of food and conditions towards the end of the war were no different than what the German people suffered. All the propaganda is now worn so thin, its time we were more honest: everybody was brutal, everybody tried their best at times but all failed, there were no "good guys" in the end – only victors. WW2 was absolutely brutal and made monsters of everybody.

  8. So, what does it mean to be a prisoners of war? Meaning: You may be starved to death. After 2.5 million Soviet soldiers had surrendered and were put behind barbed wires, Nazi prison guards on the other side of barbed wire open field POW prisons for a few weeks used to toss a few buns of bread to tens of thousands of hungry Soviets prisoners of war housed in open fields behind barbed wire fences (in group photos / video of the 2.5 million prisoners of war) in one video picture shot by a Nazi German soldier, as seen in youtube videos. So, if you are a new prisoner of war anywhere, you may not be fed ANY FOOD at all after about 1 week in captivity if you as an enemy soldier surrender to Nazi armies. This can happen especially if you are part of a group of 2.5 million surrendering prisoners of war which surrendered to the German Nazi forces and axis armies within a few weeks of start of invasion, as planned under Operation BARBAROSSA (Operation Fritz was the original name). Nazi Germany had already promised to use food stock of Nazi Germany to also feed the Axis armies of Fascist Italy and the Army of Romanian army. So, Nazi Germany had to also feed possibly another one million Romanian soldiers, day after day, So, Nazi Germany fed Romanians and Italian armies for months and years right after start of the invasion process. To be fair: Nazi Germany did have enough Nazi food to feed an army: Their own Nazi army, Luftwaffe and other Nazi military personnel. After Nazi Germany started feeding the additional Romanian army and Italian Fascist armies daily, there was no food left to feed 2.5 million new Soviet prisoners of war. When 2.5 million Soviet military personnel surrendered in the initial weeks of Invasion, Nazi Germany was already reeling/: they were feeding French prisoners of war too, and many others who could retaliate much more severely against Germany if their prisoners of war were starved to death by Nazi Germany. * This can also happen today. If Angela Merkelr as leader of Nazi Germany in 1942 had the choice to feed only one group of prisoners of war from an American army or a large group Soviet prisoners of war*** She would likely first feed the American prisoners of war full meals and then, feed the left overs to the Soviet prisoners of war, likely. After feeding about six army groups of three countries (or four countries or even more smaller countries with mercenary groups of other nationalities). After feeding the armies of these three countries, there was no food left to feed Soviet prisoners of war. Nazis had earlier thought and contemplated on starving to death the Polish prisoners of war in other Nazi prison of war camps housing Polish prisoners of war. But the prospects of retaliation by other Catholic nations may be swift and relentless, and so the Nazi Germans decide to move some of the the Polish armies of prisoners of war further east , well into the soviet Union. Polish prisoners were ones that they had fed for a whole year prior to Operation Barbarossa. Nazi Germans guarding Polish prisoners of war also waited it out for opportunities to kill huge groups of Polish prisoners of war, and these Poles under the right circumstances were to be starved to death also by Nazi prison guards, if the opportunity to starve Polish prisoners of war arose for Nazi prison guards.. . To decrease the number of mouths to feed out of 2.5 new Soviet million prisoners of war, Nazi officers initially asked prison guards to shoot down about 17,000 political officers among the 2.5 million prisoners of war. That left 2.433 million mouths to feed in the form of Soviet prisoners of war. After ww1, the Kaiser's Germany of ww1 was imposed a penalty and fine of 80 million dollars by America, soon after the war came to an end with armistice day, in a war situation that we would call a tie today. Ever since this penalty of 80 billion dollars was imposed, Germany was always respectful of America, and started treating American prisoners of war with kid gloves, always feeding them: Nazi Germany was afraid America under Roosevelt may impose another 80 billion dollars in penalties on Nazi Germany after world war 2. So the solution was to feed Americans regular meals. German leaders ,like Hitler had seen enough American cowboy movies to be wary of American governments, and so American prisoners were never staved to death by Nazi Germany. Before 1944, the surviving prisoners of war of the Nazi armies and Axis armies which surrendered in Stalingrad two years earlier were hungry by midnight after a light dinner at 6 pm. More or less from January 1st 1945 onwards, the prisoners of war of Axis armies were give extra blankets, and were flooded with more food on a daily basis, couple of cans of Spam like Soviet manufactured boiled ham a week, and were promised regular good food and prison clothing by commandants of prison guards. Axis Prisoners of war asked: "New years day is over. This prison camp party should be over. WHY are we being served so much food, cans, and blankets every day even after New years day of 1945? Prison commandant: "Comrade prisoners, We are headed for Germany and Romania. We need your cooperation and goodwill."

  9. Recovering from expenses of the ww2 must have been difficult. Most German soldiers surrendered after January 1st 1945, except for the large army group surrender in Stalingrad: By Jan 1, 1945, the Soviet armies and POW prisons were well stocked by the time expensive (Huge cost to Soviet governments) Operation Bagraton unfolded. Nazi prisoners of war and axis prisoners of war went to bed hungry between 1941 and 1944 in Soviet run POW prison camps. By January 1, 1945, Axis prisoners were surprised by the good food they were being fed in POW prisons run by Soviet prison guards. Soviet run POW prisons were flooded with newer food stock, and Axis prisoners of war were well fed by Soviet prison guards for the first time, likely. After December 1, 1944, the Red army was feeding everyone well, and were spending tons on money to increase logistical food support to the Soviet armies and Soviet POW prisons in all of 1944 and 1945. So, by January 1, 1945, the Soviet army was a well dressed army, and fed fed army with sufficient ready to eat meals and hot meals to serve everyone including civilians and including Axis POW's in POW prisons. The Soviet armies by January 1, 1945 was a well stocked army, and Soviet POW officials used to give full meals along with a couple of Soviet copies of Spam boiled ham to Nazi prisoners of war, as well as other Axis prisoners. . When Operation Bagration was launched to de-mine 50,000 Nazi installed land mines in the eastern front, the Soviets were also spending tons of money on food and equipment of Soviet armed forces and on their POW prisons and even on nice uniforms for Soviet officers and Polish officers and Polish soldiers living in Russia in exile, and spending more money on Polish expatriate army living in the Soviet union. . American and western forces were unable to de-mine the 60,000 Nazi installed land mines on the western front, which slowed down the western advance towards Berlin. Along with that, the Soviet armies and prison camps were suddenly very well stocked with food and medicine. It was like the difference between day and night, from the messy conditions in Stalingrad in 1942 or 1943. having said that, the Nazi soldiers and other Axis soldiers who surrendered in 1942 or 1943 in Stalingrad may have gone to bed hungry in Soviet run POW prison camps right up to Christmas 1944, as logistics support was bad for both sides. By January 1st 1945, the Soviets used to give out multiple cans of boiled ham (copies of Spam boiled ham), Soviet produced, to German prisoners of war and Axis prisoners of war, along with ready meals meant for Soviet soldiers. The logistics situation in Stalingrad was bad earlier in the war, in terms of food and medicine for the Soviets. these weren't the best, we all agree. Despite shortage in 1942 1943 in Stalingrad, the Soviet nurses tried to be nice by sharing their rations or medicine with Axis prisoners of war. Soviet commandants used to suddenly come up with food in Stalingrad, as Soviet nurses occasionally complained that a group of Axis soldiers in 1943 did not receive breakfast or lunch, when nurses visited them near Stalingrad in 1943. American propaganda starts at the grass-roots level, with no control from the White House::. The Average American says, "Had we de-mined all 60,000 Nazi land mines in the western front of Germany starting from France, and the Hurtgen forests, all Germans would have welcomed us into Germany with Garlands." The average American is not brainwashed by the government. But they say essentially the same thing, "Had we reached Berlin first, Hitler and the Nazis would have welcomed western soldiers with garlands made of shoes."

  10. 29:13
    "This was followed by the tunnel escape of 132 French officers from Oflag 17A in Austria."
    "It was capped by the tunnel escape of 132 French officers from Oflag 17A in Austria." 🤣

    [JansonMedia.exe has stopped responding]

  11. Germans generally did not suffer from food shortages until the end of the war. So starving prisoners was deliberate, they also withheld RED cross packages for quite a while.

  12. YouTube keeps putting this on my page and won’t stop.I said thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.don’t show me it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The crimes and cruelties committed against my sons and daughters, my fathers and mothers, my brothers and sisters hurt me deeply, regardless their ethnicity and nationality.

    In Isaiah 2: 4, Jehovah God, the Creator and Source of life, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, promises:

    "He will be judge among the nations and will settle matters in relation to many peoples. They will turn their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. The nations will no longer raise their swords against each other and learn no more to wage war."

    My immediate neighbors are Jews and I am a Jehovah's Witness.

    Their hearts are superior than pure gold by far. They are extremely kind.

    The gentleman takes care of my trash can every Wednesday without my asking him to do so. They are lovely human beings, and they are not in need of the smallest improvement.

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