World War II Pilots Report Seeing UFOs

Some World War II pilots claimed to have seen impossibly bright lights flying next to them. Was it aliens? Was it a UFO? What was actually behind the mystery of the lights around airplanes? This is an unsolved mystery! No explanations could answer the phenomenon.

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pilots describe what they saw 0:14
was it Germans or aliens 0:35
Time magazine questions what the object in the sky is 1:05
Pilot describes the lights in the sky 1:44
why did the aliens never attack 2:18
balls of fire follow airplanes 3:04
was it aliens or was it just the weather 4:05
CIA becomes interested in the mystery 5:09
pilots were too stressed 5:45

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  1. I always thought the key was that it was all planes that had propellers. That it was some type of static energy and the planes essentially were the grounds.

  2. Still going on. There are now to many videos to call it birds or baloons. Epic times. Hope they sweet

  3. It's my understanding that German pilots also encountered this phenomenon and assumed it to be an allied secret weapon.

  4. What they were seeing was probably reflections inside the cockpit. World War 1 veterans wouldn't have been used to the new, fully enclosed cockpits of World War 2 aircraft.

  5. These things are Called Jinn in the Islamic culture.. they are beings made from smokeless fire and some have the ability to fly, look them up any you won’t be disappointed 😉

  6. The Foo fighters are orbs released by alien spacecraft to monitor events both on earth and in our sky's kinda like an advanced GoPro. Our government knows this and has known this since the 1950s yet still insult people's intelligence with the most ridiculous nonsense explaining something they know it couldn't possibly be. Even worse than that is the fact they do it to their own military …. Go figure

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