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Pacific War is the largest theater of World War II. We associate it with naval battles, jungle warfare, atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The date of beginning of the war usually is calling 7 December with Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but hostilities dating back as far as in 1931. The war lasted almost 4 years and ended in 1945 with surrender of Japan and the fall of Empire.
The conflict is known as the Greater East Asia War in Japan, while in rest of the world it is called the Pacific War or the Pacific theater.
This video will show the whole chronology of hostilities on the map from 18 September 1931 to September 2 1945 – Every Day.

1. The Front (Soundtrack from Hearts of Iron II)
2. Japanese Spirit (Soundtrack from Hearts of Iron II)
3. Land Of The Rising Sun (Soundtrack from Hearts of Iron III)
4. Yamato Action (Soundtrack from Battlestations: Pacific)
5. US Tension (Soundtrack from Battlestations: Pacific)
6. Empire of the Sun (Soundtrack from Hearts of Iron IV)

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  1. Imagine being a chinese soldier/civilian that you survived the horrible invasion and you are relieved that it is all over but sadly you still died of hunger/malnutrition because of chairman lmao

  2. Hey CherespashkaShusha, great video. I think your idea of adding the city bombardments is great. Maybe you could apply this concept to major naval battles as well so that they pop on the map to show naval activity? That would add a great layer of depth to your video.

  3. The Pacific War actually had two theaters: China-Burma-India Theater, consisting of China, Burma, and British India, and the Pacific Theater of Operations, consisting of everything else.

  4. Not totally accurate. He shows the Marianas occupied by Japan into August of 1945.
    They were taken by U.S. forces in summer of 1944. Because of overwhelming data, there will be errors.
    But overall, a very good layout of the Timeline in WW II Pacific.

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