WORLD WAR II Original Color Footage With Sounds

A great collection of footage placed together to form a mini documentary.

All rights and credits to the mentioned below, non of the footage is mine nor the music or sounds including narrations.

Color and sounds Footage from the series

Apocalypse: The Second World War by CC&C

Including narrations by Mathieu Kassovitz

World War II in HD Color by World Media Rights

Including narrations by Robert Powell

Including footage from

Both From Mike Guardia

From Kozelpavel

From Siafilly

And Music from:

You will be this Legend by Really Slow Motion

Empire of the Sun by Andreas Waldetolf

Lunar Soul by Epoch

Secession Studios and Greg Dombrowski

The Way (Instrumental) by Zack Hemsey

Rada by Thomas Bergersen

Two Steps From Hell

Time by Hans Zimmer


  1. insane how the americans and brittish pulled this off .. they fought in the pacific, in africa and liberated entire western europe.

  2. As someone who served as an infantry man in recent times who didn’t much of anything, sometimes when I sit down and smoke a blunt and watch combat footage of the Second World War, I grab my nuts and say fuck this must’ve really sucked from the perspective of the infantryman of past generations of all sides. The sheer brutality and scale of it and knowing you can only get lucky so many times until you either get injured enough for a discharge, or your time came up. No matter which front you were on, you had your own fears, jungle warfare, house to house rubble fighting, the freezing cold and the blistering heat. I couldn’t imagine fighting an equal/better force where the skill sets are on par as would a high school baseball game where the mentality is you win some you lose some but the first time you lose you’re donesky. Really puts into perspective the reality of modern warfare on a grand scale with no bars held and hopefully in our time, our childrens time, and our childrens childrens time something like this dosent happen again.

  3. Not well taught or published but after ww2 a ton of Germans went to Egypt and started teaching, terror tactics. They still do the hail salute to this day in some Arab country's. Funny for such a Racist group but makes sense. The Arabs can be very Racist and tribes are like gangs if you ant like me. Fuck off or your dead. Beefs thousands of years old there new friends the nazis could exploit. They both hate the Jewish people.

  4. If you want to charge a tank on a 🐎 with a Speer, at least do it on foot so the horses are spared. People don't seem to think about not just human life, but the German and Japanese used horses still as there primary mode of transportation. Not to mention when an army rolls into towns they took all livestock as did we. Gotta eat.

  5. Imagine all of these industries and the entire work force of each nation using their resources to instead improve medicine, science, and space technology. Instead the delusional psychopathic idiots of the Reich and Japan attacked the world for shortsighted and self destructive reasons.

  6. Cavalry against Tanks

    Craziest damn thing I ever heard about and I heard that it was the Arabians that did it successfully…. but apparently no matter what I type in, Google thinks I'm talking about the much debated POLISH cavalry

  7. One of the greatest mistakes of the war was Japan attacking America …one japanese general was quot d saying something along the lines of "I fear we have awoken a sleeping beast " the other great mistake of the war was Germany attacking Russia which was the beginning of the end for Nazi germany

  8. I mean what happened its wan never right ….. Shit head leaders with crooked mindset to rule the world and in between those innocent solider loosing their life.. look at this part when they where captured they are soo young…. I wish this war concept would have never created in first place ..

  9. Its easy to get caught up in watchn these ww2 videos for entertainment,but we haveta remember that every scene shown with real men,real bullets & real death. These dudes were hardcore. God bless em

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