World War II on All Fronts: Every Day

See the changing front lines of World War II for each and every single day, on every front including the Pacific, American, Atlantic, African, Indian Ocean, European, and Middle-Eastern theaters.


Color Scheme:
1st Color = Home country and annexed territory
2nd Color = Militarily occupied territory
3rd Color (Axis and Japan only) = Puppet States
4th Color = Territory gained that day
5th Color = Maritime control (approximate)


  1. in 1940 to 1945 (so until the end of the war) gabon, camroun, central africa and chad were allies because they were the only territories left to free france led by charles de gaule.

  2. Soviet Union: Signed A Non-Aggression Pact With Japan
    In 1945
    Soviet Union: Let Attack Japan without Declared War and also Give The CCP Guns From Japan
    Japan: Let's Fight these Commies with Ronald Reagan's Help.

  3. One way or the other, I work and cross the windmill of cause and effect to surround this world


    Why was an atom bomb dropped by Hiroshima, Nagasaki? Hiroshima is because there is 500 in Douwa district 5000 of 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country. Because the Douwa district was a Korean village, I was discriminated. It kills a domestic animal to have been discriminated, and is cruel, and make incest; and of the illicit sex is because commit a crime. Because there are many roasted meat restaurants in the Douwa district, I find it immediately.

    Nagasaki is the land which early Christianity in Japan of a heretical religion, the Society of Jesus propagated, and this is because the grudge of the revolt of Shimabara remains.

    Why was a one-third of the citizen of the prefecture sacrificed by the Battle of Okinawa? This is because Okinawa kills a lot of pigs so that braised pork belly of the Soki soba shows it and is cruel. Of the killing indirect as for the eating meat is because commit a crime.

    Kei Omuro swindles Mako, and why do you disgrace authority of the Imperial Family? It is repetition of the history and is synchronization. A Korean of chamber (no large ) kei got into the royalty this time as I lost it, and Toranosuke Oumuro turned into the Emperor Meiji, and having stolen the Throne succession. Originally it is a same tribe because it is the Korean who the Imperial Family assassinates Prince Shotoku, and stole the Throne succession of the Japanese Emperor.

    Japan was defeated to fight though I performed a crusade of self-defense and the liberation in Asia, and why did you provide the victim of 3 million people killed in action and 500,000? This is because Japan is a country charged with a mission to expiate the crime that the world people committed. Christ was executed as a nail was torn off by 8 million God, and a line was cut off and was executed, and Creater God was the way it goes threw himself into the crater in the volcano, and having expiated God and a human crime, and Prince Shotoku was assassinated. This is cause and effect of the compensation, too.

  4. Japan went from a closed Feudal society To modern Superpower and conquered almost half Asia within some decedes lol
    Japanese brain literally best in the world

  5. Now its funny that Japan didn't know hitler suicided and the war ended and they were still fighting, but the sad part is that japanese were so dedicated that even without connection to their partners they still fought, its so sad that such a dedicated country with dedicated people fell for hitler

  6. 1st September 1939 German invasion of Poland
    30 November 1939 Winter war starts between USSR and Finland
    10 April 1940 invasion of Denmark and Norway by Nazis
    1-10 June 1940 Invasion of France
    June 22 1941 German invasion of USSR
    December 7 1941 Japan attack Pearl Harbour and USA joins ww2
    1942 November Allied captured German and Italian troops in North Africa
    10 July 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily Italy
    On 6 June 1944 The allied nations reach in Normandy France and attack Germans in there and France was Independent
    On 8th May 1945 Germany surrendered to Allied
    On 16th July 1945 usa made world first atomic bomb
    On 6th and 9th August USA dropped two atom bombs in Japanese city Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    15 August 1945 Japan decided to surrender to the Allies but officially on 2nd September 1945 Empire of Japan formally surrender ending of ww2

  7. Map should have been centered in the eastern european front, that way the western front was also visible, as well as Japan. Much more relevant than seeing the continent where nothing happened at the center.

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