World War II: MOBILIZATION [APUSH Review Unit 7 Topic 12] Period 7: 1898-1945

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In this video Heimler takes you through Unit 7 Topic 12 of the AP U.S. History curriculum which is set in period 7 (1898-1945).

After the United States entered World War II, mobilization began quick, fast, and in a hurry. FDR created government agencies that oversaw the transformation of domestic industrial centers into wartime production factories. And all of this had the effect of increasing GDP by 15% and thus pulled America out of the Great Depression.

Black Americans and Mexican Americans served in the war, some with great distinction. The NAACP encouraged black Americans to participate in the Double V Campaign, which meant they were working for victory abroad and victory over entrenched racism at home. As Mexican Americans left for the war, it left a dearth in agricultural workers and so immigration restrictions were lowered for Mexican citizens who could come and help.

Also on the Homefront, Japanese Americans on the west coast were forcibly removed from their homes and relocated into internment camps because they were associated with the hated Japanese enemy