World War II In Colour: Episode 3 – Britain at Bay (WWII Documentary)

In July 1940, Hitler has victory in sight, but Britain, using its brilliant team of code crackers and specially trained spies, begins to fight back.

Recorded by World at War


  1. If anyone reads my comment, I am on a quest and need help. There is a version of Hitler's speech that is on Netflix, specifically; in the series – WWII Events in Color – chapter two, "The Battle of Britain".
    The documentary excerpts the last speech shown in the film. I have searched for the same clips and cannot find them anywhere. The reason I am so interested in finding these same clips that are on Netflix, is that besides being restored in color, the quality of the clips is stunning. And I know that sooner or later these videos are going to be pure gold. If anyone took the time to read my comment please feel free to contact me.

  2. Great series, it was such a huge benefit for the allies that Hitler was dumb enough to attack the soviet union… If he hadn't the world may be different today, at least there would have been 3 million more soldiers to defend against d day.

  3. Rothhchilds were financing both sides , hence the reason , Hitler hated them , because when he had to get finance , and saw that the top table , were Jewish , pulling his financing strings , he cracked the shits , because they ( Jews ) sat at the top 1 percent , soo off he went reviled his true intention , Now look at us , covid , Starbucks , Caltex , Aramco , Goldberg n Sax , HSBC , Central bank , Biden , Scott Morrison , Adern , who's the Brit twit with the side Part , him too , Wow what a farkin mess . . . Enjoy ya muppets

  4. The USA is a nuclear oussy coward. Putin only has to finish mopping up Ukraine, and wait. Putin installed idiot Trump will destroy NATO and neutralize America while he gobbles up the rest of Europe. If USA won't defend Ukraine because of nuclear weapons, they will not defend any country against Russia. Because guess what? Russia will always have nuclear weapons! Cowards!

  5. My grandmother lived in Labrador, Canada along the coast. For a few weeks to months her town had to black out their windows and any potential light as it was discovered German U-boats had snuck by the blockade and were patrolling the coast for potential targets.

    By the time she and grandpa moved to Florida in the U.S., it was discovered once more German U-boats had snuck and even landed and tried to ingratiate themselves into society in Ponte Vedra. I never got to ask my grandparents what they must've thought, escaping from one end of the continent to another area only to know the Germans were literally everywhere for them the majority of the war.

  6. Chruchill was such a foolish leader of Britain. He would have accepted the terms of Hitler and would have saved the great British empire. What a fool.

  7. The only reason Hitler lost the war was because he was on meth and his army was on meth as well and Britain never really did anything until America jump in America won the war for Britain keep it real people

  8. If Britain made a treaty with Russia before 1939 Hitler would have pissed himself. The best way to stop Hitler A BULLET in the head. Well he did that himself

  9. “Britain stood alone” me writing my essay
    “Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, the Union of South Africa, the rest of the British Empire, freedom fighters in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia and Poland stood alone

  10. Man even as a lefty critical of America all the time and just wanting better – when they come in the war and the music in the background … makes you feel pride lol

  11. The French did fight, especially around Dunkirk, unfortunately they were led by donkeys. We, the British, do deserve a lot of credit for carrying on the battle when it would have been much easier to make a treaty. The thing is Churchill knew that Hitler’s word meant nothing and we should remember that now with the EUSSR as they are not trustworthy either over any treaties as Switzerland have found out.

  12. I be 3 episodes in and I’m waiting to see when does the turn around happen like these guys honestly had a rough time ey they would have lost if the Russians and Americans didn’t step in

  13. How much fuckin “room to live” did Hitler need? He already had half of Europe… what does every German get 100 acres? If he hadn’t invaded Russia he could have waited a few years while his military recovered and made a better effort

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