World War II In Colour: Episode 2 – Lightning War (WWII Documentary)

This installment shows how the Nazis developed a terrifying new military tactic called Blitzkrieg, which caught Poland, Britain and France unprepared.

Recorded by World at War


  1. im here because of jack kelly who said,
    "If you watch WW2 in Color episode number 2, you'll hear the first 30 seconds of this piece at 46:23" on a civilization 5 song
    i can confirm his comment

  2. Ive watched this series about 4 times now, and it never gets old. its a good refresher. The most comprehensive WW2 documentary and made amazing in colour. Thank you for uploading

  3. The Polish Calvary never attacked Tanks with Lances. They carried Anti-Tank Rifles. They were very effective in taking out German Tanks. The myth was started by Goebbels to ridicule Poland. The Wołyńska Cavalry Brigade equipped with the Bofors 37 mm antitank gun beat the German Panzer Divisions in one of the first battles of the invasion; the Battle of Mokra.The Polish guns were actively used during the German and Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. They managed to wipe out a Division's worth of German Tanks which was 309.

    Poland was attacked by both Germany & Russia & they managed to fight for 27 days before surrendering. On May 10, 1940 Germany attacked West. They entered France on the 12th &, 5 days later the French told Churchill the Battle is lost. France managed to make one counterattack but they retreated to Dunkirk on the 25th. By June 9th nearly all the French divisions had surrendered. So the Poles fought Russia & Germany as long as the combined forces of the French, English, Dutch, and Belgium armies fought the German army only.

  4. September 1, 1939 vs February 24, 2022. Germany invades Poland vs Russia invades Ukraine. History hates repeating, but loves rhyming. Instructive to watch these magnificent WW2 videos as we all slip into the rhyme of WW3.

  5. save we remember least we forget, for the future is our past and succumb to our hubris. Great men die when good men refuse to do nothing when evil looms on the horizon.

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  7. this is called bravery. Man from both sides accepting death over defeat for the sake of their families and country. Not the bullshit of today where coming out as transgender makes you somehow brave.

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