World War II In Colour: Episode 1 – The Gathering Storm (WWII Documentary)

With the Great Depression sapping the will of Western democracies to intervene, Mussolini and Hitler are able to grab and expand their powers.

Recorded by World at War


  1. So basically the USA won the war and every other country was just taking part. The war between Britain and Germany gets mentioned for 5 minutes and the rest is about America’s battle with Japan. The fact that the spitfires only get mentioned once I think is totally disrespectful. Thumbs down from me!

  2. ww2 will remain the single most influential event in history until the world comes to its end and it's incredible to think it just happened 80 odd years before which is so astonishing

  3. Netflix keeps cycling shows out. Only when the show loses popularity MIGHT they circle it out.

    We've lost so many great series over time in the US.

    (edit) At least they put this one back on Netflix.

  4. I find it bewildering that in a modern era anyone would believe that invading a neighbour to take and have would be remotely acceptable.

  5. What was shown as 'Spanish Morroco' here was in fact 'French Maroc'. Spanish part of Morroco is what is known today as Mauritania. that is south of Maroc kingdom.

  6. The Reichstart burned down in the 30s just after Hitler was made chancellor in a coalition? Wow, who lit that fire??? Wouldn't be a future megalomaniac??

  7. It wasn't the Great Depression which sapped the the will of the Western democracies to intervene. It was the memory of the damage done during World War 1, and the realization that – with the weapons (especially bombing planes) available – a second war would be catastrophic.

  8. Israelis of modern times who have occupied the majority of what was once Palestine are not at all related to the Jews of Biblical times , but rather they are Ashkenazi Jews . The Ashkenazim are descended from the ancient Khazarian Empire from southern Russia and the Caucuses region . These Ashkenazi people are not Semitic at all . The conversion of the Khazars took place in the 8 th century AD , when they adopted Judaism in order to avoid conflict with the pagan Russ Viking tribes to the north , the Mongols to the east , the Islamic caliphates to the south and the recently Christianized Slavic peoples to the west . This conversion was done primarily for reasons of commerce as the Khazar lands were situated astride the Black Sea region where the white slave trade of Slavic peoples was conducted between the Mongols / Tatars who captured the slaves / Slavs ( origin of the word ) and the Islamic Sultans who purchased the white Slavic captives – the Jewish Khazars were the brokers and profiteers of this slave trade .

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  9. They should remake The world at war series in 4k colour,a bit like,They Shall Not Grow Old, truly stunning footage that brings things to life,
    I watched Apocalypse 45 the other day, They did an amazing job on that too, looking for new docs about ww2 but I think I've seen all the good ones now ☹️

  10. I very much hope we get more documentaries like this, but longer, more in depth, and starting all the way back in 1910, and leading up to 1950ish.
    Anyone know of any good documentaries of WW1 much like this series, and covering more of the interwar years?

  11. The vast majority of wwII was shot on black and white film . Yes color movie film did exist but needed careful handling, exposures, was not sensitive enough yet for low light filming . conclusion – the vast majority of these film excerpts for this documentary are colorized and that sucks. also your video quality is really around 240 or 144 p (not 1080 or 720 p ) which makes it even harder to watch you youngins just don't appreciate black and white film because you're such twats .

  12. 10:00 — The Germans only deprived the Jews from marrying Germans because the Jews forbid non-Jews to intermarry with them … that’s elementary Judaism

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