1. Thanjk god for usa at the end though and since the beginning. Thanks russia. World war 2 allies; USA, Soviet Union aka Russia. Britain and others VS Japan, Italy and Germany and others.

  2. It’s annoying when credits aren’t given to those who deserve it. Russia was the main contributor against Nazi Germany yet the US is focused upon more. Also y justifying the horrible Hiroshima and Nagasaki event? …It is recorded through history that Japan already surrendered BEFORE the US dropped these atomic bombs but what we hear here is that the US dropped atomic bombs so the war could end like bruhhhh

  3. Most Common POV:

    you're half way through the video and scrolling through the comments because your teacher asked you to watch this in class, now get back to work before you get an F

  4. So much misinformation. The atomic bombs were dropped in the middle of negotiations for Japan’s surrender. They weren’t needed. Japan was already in the middle of surrendering. The USA dropped them on CIVILIAN targets as a show of force to both Japan and the USSR which was beginning to occupy the territories they liberated. The US scientists who developed the weapons urged Truman to use unoccupied territories for his “display of power” and testing, but he chose to drop them on occupied lands instead. Another misinformation, Hitler has been fighting on two fronts since he began to invade the USSR. America did its part in WW2, but it did not do so single-handedly. The USSR finally defeated Germany and ended the war in Europe.

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