World War II – History of Europe

World War 2 – History of Europe


This is a video that explains and visualizes World War 2 in an easy fashion, making it easy for everyone to understand this complicated understandable for everyone. This is done by using countryballs and infographics. All the front lines and battles are based on real historic events.
All the main events and fronts are included in this video but please keep in mind that this video won’t be a 100% accurate representation of reality.

This video is a recreation of one of my older videos.


All the music included in the video can be found in the ending of the video during the credits.


  1. Operation Barbarossa is the reason why the USSR had the most casualties out of all the countries/empires in ww2.

  2. anyone who isn’t scared of using the real n flag gets an automatic 👍 from me
    stop being afraid of youtube censors! be a real one

  3. One of the dumbest things that you could say CAUSED the allied victory was because germany declared war on america

  4. heh, actually italy had more military power than greeks.Greece got defeated because of Germany, italians lost the greeko-italian war. Greeks had less army but still won the second biggest empire of ww2

  5. Germany: Haha Soviet your bad
    Soviet Union: what did you say to me?
    Germany: your-
    USA: Alright Soviet now lets continue hating each other!

  6. СССР практически победил один эту войну а иностранные историки когда говорят ВОВ то про СССР умалчивают а про США говорят и хвалят

  7. Just for info, the Czech people weren't nazis, Germany just occupied our country after the Munich agreement where west countries like Britain and France broke our deal about mutual help in case Hitler attack the Czechoslovak Republic 🙂

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  9. The reality of Turkey joining at the end of the war is because people who joined before March 1st 1945 got U.N membership turkey then declared war on Germany but failed to mobilize troops but hey STILL IN U.N.

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