Friends, we’ve already told you quite a bit about the Japanese industry. However, the picture will be incomplete if we do not mention in our stories about Japan, such a sad event for all mankind as the Second World War.
Perhaps, there is not a single corner in the world that would not be affected, even if not directly, by this bloodiest and most terrible war in the history of mankind. It was a hellish period in the history of our planet. A man-made reboot of the whole world, which it had never seen before…
And Japan played one of the main roles in this bloody performance. Along with such large countries as the USSR, the USA, Germany and the UK.
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  1. The video implies that Japan invaded the British and Dutch colonies BEFORE the USA put sanctions on Japan. The sanctions came first as a reaction to Japan's attacks on China and French Indochina. Japan then attacked the USA (Hawaii, Philippines, etc.) as well as British and Dutch colonies. Then the USA and Britain declared war on Japan.

  2. For the record. I would have killed every man and male child in both Japan & Germany after WW2, but your "God of Abraham" said no because your primitive race had no internet. He said, it was easy to brainwash people who have little to no access of information to know the truth. He was right. Fast forward today. Ha ha ha! Basically if China invades Taiwan, after WW3, every mainlander Chinese male, women and child I will slaughter because they are all men to me. In Russia and others who are allied with China, I will kill all your men and boys if anybody survives. So those who do not want to be tortured by me and feel the wrath of the destroyer of Sodom and Gomorrah, leave those countries now. With regards to the traitors in the West, imprison them for treason now. This is your only warning. Pray to Lucifer and see if he can save you. HA HA HA HA! The 10 Commandments is absolute. The 10 Commandments can't be stopped. Then again, hurling meteors to the earth after the nuclear war sounds better since harvesting the organs of all those that supported China in virtual bodies that can't die feels more rewarding. The one of course that has the final say is Jesus who has never left ever since he was crucified. I wonder how long till Optimus prime breaks down and rage sets in. We did try to warn you to stop listening to those exiled buffons showing off their drones.

  3. I am unaware of your age and backround.. Having said that, would your generation PLEASE, focus your goldfish like attention spans; and take a peek at Google U. and research the actual reason the Japenese gov't sued for peace and accepted the terms of surrender….. I'll give you some help, so stay with If you need me too, I …will … type ….th slow…ly, so you can keep up.. The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, took place on the 6th and 9th of August respectivly.. What was the actual date of Japans signing of the surrender document?? You might research the event that was faced by the Japanese, AFTER the bombing … and the REAL reason they surrendered ..
    On a side note, I was going to type this statement in cursive while feeding you peanut M&M's ….. But as I stated.. I will try to help you … however .. the thaught of all of you having to copy and paste my comment on Google Translate.. makes laugh .. To you, Good Luck ..,.

  4. Gotta give them credit where it's due for fighting a losing war with inferior technology and weaponry, fueled only by an undying motivation for victory and extremely hardcore loyalty to their nation. The soldiers of imperial Japan had balls, if nothing else

  5. You left out who financed and incentivized the Japanese war machine. Hint, they wear small hats and own the central banks. First Japan received billions (in today’s money) to arm for and fight a war against white Russia because… well, let’s just say it was part of the small-hat tribe’s vendetta. Next, the same banksters incentivized and financed the Japanese weaponization in the lead up to WWII. Why is that seemingly intelligent armchair historians ALWAYS skip over the ONLY two relevant aspects of war – ie commodities and banksters?

  6. I have such a negative association with the Chinese these last 30 years since leaving school. I find myself forgetting that the Japanese were the murderous aggressors and the Chinese were the victims in those days….. the CCP has managed to squander any goodwill toward China.

  7. They sneak attacked thinking to cripple and demoralize us. They chose a time when we were involved in a war on another continent. They believed in a hollow god. They believed to vanquish us like they did everyone else for centuries. They had never seen our nation in full production. They under estimated us badly. (The words of a WW2 Marine)

  8. lets face it the men in charge over there let us down the air force had all planes lined up in rows middle of the air fields the navy had most but not all ships at anchor in the harbor the only that saved us was the carriers were at sea i think because of a storm the local radar called in an alarm of planes in coming they were told forget it that is planes from states due in this am

  9. It is just so laughable and unimaginably naive that the Japanese thought they would attack Pearl Harbour, kill thousands of Americans and the US would just go 'okay well we better consider negotiation now'. So horrifyingly stupid in the understanding of an enemy.

  10. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto warned the Japanese Government before the attack on Pear Harbor, that the industrial power of the United States would guarantee the defeat of Japan. However, most of the leaders of Japan were convinced that the Americans were weak-willed and corrupted to the point that the United States would sue for peace after the planed destruction of the American Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. They were wrong.

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