World War II: Crash Course World History #38

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In which John Green teaches you about World War II, aka The Great Patriotic War, aka The Big One. So how did this war happen? And what does it mean? We’ve all learned the facts about World War II many times over, thanks to repeated classroom coverage, the History channel, and your grandfather (or maybe great-grandfather) showing you that Nazi bayonet he used to keep in his sock drawer and telling you a bunch of age-inappropriate stories about his harrowing war experiences. So, why did the Axis powers think forceful expansion was a good idea? (they were hungry). So why did this thing shake out in favor of the Allies? HInt: it has to do with the fact that it was a world war. Germany and Japan made some pretty serious strategic errors, such as invading Russia and attacking the United States, and those errors meant that pretty much the whole world was against them. So, find out how this worldwide alliance came together to stop the Axis expansion. All this, plus Canada finally gets the respectful treatment it deserves. Oh, and a warning: there are a few graphic images in this episode. Sensitive viewers may want to use caution, especially around the 9:15 mark.

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  1. Normal people: Just here because of school.

    Me: i’ve been binging this entire series for fun.

    And I have to say they make for a great introduction or summary.

  2. 4:18 japan bombed pearl harbor to weaken the us navy so they could take control of the Pacific not to scare them into staying neutral

  3. Who else is watching this even though you know about everything he’s talking about

  4. Since he mentioned it, universal healthcare would be great except for the fact that everyone would have to pay truly outrageous taxes, we would have to seriously deflate everythjng else, borderline redesign our economy

  5. For everyone watching this for worksheets for school: put it in 2x speed and read captions to find quick answers!!

  6. my teacher: Watch this video and do an ABC Brainstorm!! 😀
    me: scrolls through comment section

  7. "No such thing as a non-military target'

    Sorry, I have to disagree there because saying that means children are rightfully targets too.

  8. WW1&2 ended the subjection of colonialism which consisted of an occupation, looting, dismantling industries, civilisation, governance, genocide and if your from the colonised countries and you think Hitler was your enemy then your stupid.

  9. i love all the emotion in the open letter, then he just goes straight to monotone for the "best wishes" lmao. totally just ridiculously hilarious

  10. 21 thousand comments and I'm gonna be just one more to mention: seriously? Two nuclear bombs after the US got their feelings hurt by Pearl Harbor and no talking about it? Of course I'm not saying Pearl Harbor was good, but over reacting much? First time we don't have the "let me show you the other side of the story". That's a shame.

  11. yes, without Hitler WW2 most likeley would not have happened. But, Hitler annoyingly decided to exist, and peskily tried to take over the world to.

  12. Everyone should watch Hellstorm and Europa on Bitchute for more history. The Balfour Declaration was not mentioned in this one and it played a major role. Question everything!

  13. I think the Germans were preparing to attack the UK, the massive air attack was supposed to cripple the RAF and after that, the Royal Navy, if the Royal Navy is dead, Britannia doesn't rule the waves, Britannia is enslaved

  14. 7:03 I love how he tries to make it sound so majestic and sad when he talks about Canada's loses, but ruins it all by wearing mittens.
    (im canadian so i can say that)

  15. the funny thing is, japanese want to hide these facts so never teach these to their ppl at all.

    so many Japanese think they were on the American side during WW2. XD

    can't believe this? ask Japanese near u 🙂

  16. I have a diploma exam in 2 days and my teacher sent me this yesterday welp good thing im only aiming for a 50%. Im not panicking i swear

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