World War II – Bombers of WWII | Full Movie (Feature Documentary)

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This documentary is a visual encyclopedia of the bombers deployed and their strategic use, by both the Allied and Axis Forces during the Second World War.

The program includes detailed accounts of the Lancaster, Wellington, Blenheim, Liberator, Flying Fortress, Heinkel HE 111, Stuka, Mitchell, Superfortress, Heinkel HE 177 Greif, Marauder, Whitley, Halifax, Hampden, Stirling, Arado Blitz and more.

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  1. Only a fool would indiscriminately kill potential allies (Christians trapped in a dictatorial state), in order to save people who would stick a knife in their back as a matter of ideology the minute they got the chance to do so (Communists).

    Sun Tzu said: "In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to capture an entire army, a regiment or company rather than to destroy it."

    Allied leaders: leTs toTally deStroy the baLance of powEr and thEn hope thAt commIes are honeSt anD decEnt

    The Western Allies "sowed" death and "reaped" 50 years of Cold War, which (as we know today) almost lead to the end of mankind on half a dozen occasions (MAD). Of course, if it hadn't been for the divide and rule policies of the previous alpha in the world (London), there need never have been "Nazis" and "commies" to fight in the first place…

    In 1941, a smart leadership would have let the nazis and commies "slug it out" to mutual destruction, seeing how they were sworn enemies.

    Recipe for success?

    Only support the losing side as much so they don't collapse, but not enough to win outright.

    And to all those, "…but my dadda fought for the right side"-comments: Do you know who enabled WW2, because he wanted your grandparents/parents to die?


    "Comrades! It is in the interest of the USSR, the Land of the Toilers, that war breaks out between the [German] Reich and the capitalist Anglo-French bloc. Everything must be done so that the war lasts as long as possible in order that both sides become exhausted. Namely for this reason we must agree to the pact proposed by Germany, and use it so that once this war is declared, it will last for a maximum amount of time."

    Stalin 19th August 1939

    Roosevelt and Stalin: leTs saVe thE cOmmieS so wE caN fIght tHem in 5 yEars…

    No wonder the cute "Uncle Joe" Stalin was always smiling.

    He couldn't have found a bigger bunch of fools if searched for them.

  2. Brave brave men to crew those flying bullet magnet death traps filled with 100s of bombs,100s of liters of hi-octane gas, ammo, flares, Id rather be in a fox hole in mother earth than up in those things, here in New Zealand we have a Lancaster at our Motat Museum, think its an ex french navy maritime patrol plane, NX665 MkV11 completed trails then hand over 1945 till 1964 when it was flown into Whenuapai Air Base and partly dismantled and transported to its new home sanes wings reassembled, engines started a few times then, pulled apart, politics and funding issues led to lots of decay and it is getting restored again at a slow pace

  3. The best American bomber of ww2 was undoubtedly the b24. It had much longer range, higher speed and heavier payload than the b17 but also served in many different roles (recon , coastal patrol, asw)

    The b25 was 2nd as it was used as an assault bomber, asw, close air support with parabombs, and early gunships like the Vietnam era c47 puff the magic dragon

  4. Sehr interessanter Bericht… was mir aber auffiel…die Heinkel He 177 war kein 2 – Mot Bomber sie hatte vier Motoren…. jeweils zwei Motoren trieben über ein Getriebe einen Propeller an…das war auch die eigentliche Schwachstelle der Maschine, da der innere Motor leicht überhitzte und manchmal auch Feuer fing … deshalb wurde sie auch " Reichsfeuerzeug " genannt …

  5. No mention of the Martin B-26, the 24s long legs, the NAA A-26, the Japanese Betty? Many others missed. I did enjoy the filming. I have aircrewed the 17, 24, 29. (airshow & ferry)

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