World War II – A Short Documentary

The second world war was the most brutal conflict in human history. Over 50 million people perished, mostly civilian. This short documentary attempts to explains world war 2 in a comprehensive yet relatively brief way. It is by far the most interesting video i have produced to date.

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  1. We have to watch this for our homework but no matter how many times I watch the video I forget it instantly 😭

  2. Hitler a " Nebuchadnessar" and Sadrak, Mesak, and Abed Nego, that refused to bow they knees to him…is a new Hitler come and rule the whole Earth soon, Antichrist?

  3. To sum it up basically a few nutjobs seized power and millions of people died from simply 'following orders' of these nutjobs, love how the US brag about defeating Japan yet used a nuclear bomb and killed thousands of women and children etc when they were negotiating peace….US just said screw that and dropped nuclear bombs to win a war

  4. The 6 people in thumbnail just made over 40 million people die for nothing 🙃 Hope Satan takes care them well

  5. As a shut-in, disabled vet I want to say how much I appreciate your excellent channel.
    I love studying history and it's channels like yours that help bring the classroom to my bedside.
    Thank you for sharing these thought-provoking programs!

  6. Its easy to understand that all this wars are creating in the world due to the foolish decisions of some dictators and blindly people are following…..we can see this type of people even in the present generatiin also
    ..people should isolate this type of dictotars or foolish leaders from the mainstream…

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