World War II: A History of WWII (Part 2) – Full Documentary

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World War Two was an earth-shaking drama in five acts, played out on a stage as immense as the planet itself, and one that touched upon millions of lives.

Actor Robert Hardy, famous for his role as Churchill presents this condensed chronology of WWII.

A fascinating film which outlines all the political history and events leading up to the outbreak of war; and details all the major campaigns and battles fought on every front during the six-year conflict.

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  1. Oh, man! To have been there and experienced any one of the European cities being liberated. Seeing the relieved citizens celebrating in appreciation first-hand, let alone the celebrations in New York City or London on "Victory in Europe Day."

    Being around that much joy, so many happy elated people, it chokes me up just thinking about it all these years later lol watching the old black and white images in a documentary program! 🤣

  2. What is so great about working people committing mass murder against fellow workers,slavishly obeying orders from above, in the name of racial superiority,religion,democracy or some other pretense? Not knowing that war is a racket to make yet more money for a handful of people is the real cause of never ending wars.

  3. One BIG correction is needed regarding the final days of the war in Europe. It is not correct to say that Soviet forces, after liberating Austria, went quickly on to liberate Czechoslovakia and then continue towards Berlin. The main Soviet force actually approached Germany via Poland, bypassing Czechoslovakia. They did leave a force behind to deal with the nazi garrisons there, but its progress was not that fast and in the end Prague only fell after Berlin had already surrendered, on May 8th. And it didn’t even fall to the Red Army – it was liberated by an uprising of the locals, aided by the so-called Russian Liberation Army, which were anti-communist Soviet deserters and escaped POWs. The Red Army only arrived when the main fighting was over (and had all the RLA members promptly executed or shipped to gulags).

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