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• Clips from PKA 599 W/ Tucker: NYT On Wings Trolling, Tucker Vs Taylor Eating Contest, Chiz Messing With Taylor


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Painkiller Already is a weekly podcast featuring: Woody (WoodysGamertag), Kyle (FPSRussia), and Taylor (Taylor Murka). Commonly referred to as PKA, the podcast has been steam-rolling through the airwaves & YouTube since early 2010. PKA discusses current events, news, relives comedic stories and gives their perspective on life while throwing in their comedic twist to all discussions.


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  1. The most interesting and morbid part about ww1 to me is how much of of a seemingly pointless random slaughter it all was. At least in ww2 there was a lot of mobility but in world war 1, besides so much on the eastern front it was like just send tens of thousands of men at the enemy and hope you can gain a few hundred yards in like a month just to loose it and have to do it all again day after day for 4 years all while the most likely thing to kill you is just a random artillery shell fired indiscriminately that blew up above you somewhere

  2. If you can make it through, I recommend Dan Carlin’s hardcore history podcast. It’s a 10 hour walk through of WW1, not a Ken Burns type deal he tells it like a story SUPER compelling stuff

  3. It’s not that they had colored footage back then it’s that they took the reel and colorized it, some colors are actually different in the video then they might have been irl

  4. The Polish charges Taylor was talking about was during WW2. After throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the German Blitzkrieg, the Polish command ordered a cavalry charge against German tanks. It was surprisingly effective to some extent, with the Polish throwing anti-tank grenades from horseback. Obviously though, it wasn’t effective enough to entirely halt the blitzkrieg and was only a small footnote in the entire Polish campaign.
    Additionally, the Winged Hussars (what Kyle brought up) date back to the 1500’s. Their most iconic feat is the liberation of Vienna from an Ottoman siege by charging into their blockade. Poland has a long history with cavalry

  5. Taylor always co-signs whatever Kyle says. Even when Kyle is just going on a narcissistic rant about tuckers topic and Kyle just highjacks the topic and makes himself sound more educated on the subject. Narcissist. But Taylor and Kyle have to stand up against woody (mr wet blanket) Taylor is the superior host. I hate that he’s #3 in the power rankings

  6. I kinda wish they would dress up for 600 like simple shit but iconic like sergeant woody with the short shorts owl Taylor and joker Kyle but Kyles self esteem couldn’t handle doing that anymore

  7. Saddest part about WW1 aside from the inhumanity of it all? King George V of Great Britain, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Czar Nicholas II all were cousins. Their grandmother was Queen Victoria, and there’s a picture before e war of all of them hanging out in each other’s uniforms for a laugh. It’s truly haunting as well, because there’s correspondence between Nicholas and Wilhelm basically begging one another not to mobilize and both of them refusing the other because of the aforementioned treaties and national pride

  8. WW1 is super mega more important than 2 if we’re being frank

    WW2 is just the sequel everyone knew was coming to finalize what happened in the better movie but because it was first it’s not as remembered cuz it didn’t have the cool ending the sequel did

  9. A man in search of peace went around signing papers with all the powerful men in control if only he knew that his death would be the key to the greatest weapon that man can make

  10. Being Australian we get taught alot about WWI, Gallipoli and all that. but since US wasn't in the war it makes sense and WWII was your time to shine anyway.

  11. Ffs… Of course kyle is one of those guys who "loves ww2" and "ive seen ALL the docs on it"…. Then proceeds to not even know "tarawa" ….
    Poser. …… Yeah that's it.. Kyles a poser

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