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World War II Documentary – The Second World War is the deadliest conflict in human history. From Pearl Harbour and The Rise of The Third Reich to The Battle of Britain and Operation Barbarossa, The Second World War spans vast lands and cultures. |Try two months of Skillshare for free: | This video specialises on the European front and delves into the international politics and battles of the time. Part 2 will focus on Pearl Harbour, Japan, China, North Africa and much more.

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In the Second World War, every bond between man and man was to perish. Crimes were committed by the Germans under the Hitlerite domination to which they allowed themselves to be subjected which find no equal in scale and wickedness with any that have darkened the human record. The wholesale massacre by systematised processes of six or seven millions of men, women, and children in the German execution camps exceeds in horror the rough-and-ready butcheries of Genghis Khan, and in scale reduces them to pigmy proportions. Deliberate extermination of whole populations was contemplated and pursued by both Germany and Russia in the Eastern war. The hideous process of bombarding open cities from the air, once started by the Germans, was repaid twenty-fold by the ever-mounting power of the Allies and found its culmination in the use of the atomic bombs which obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Time Stamps:

Intro 0:00
Causes of The Second World War 2:10
Rise of The Third Reich 6:08
Hitler’s Vision 9:20
Failure of The International System 10:52
The Age of Strategy 13:20
Blitzkrieg 16:50
Poland 17:36
The Winter War 20:05
Scandinavia 21:28
Battle of France 22:16
Dunkirk 24:21
Britain Alone 26:14
Battle of Britain 27:25
The Blitz 32:31
Operation Barbarossa 33:30
Epilogue 39:34

The information in this video came from:

– A lecture series by Professor Thomas Childers, PhD
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– The Second World War. Vol.2. Their Finest Hour by Winston S. Churchill

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