1. Eva Braun was twenty five years old… (at one time, about eight years ago). She was 33 when she died.
    Actually, I like crapumentaries like this. Kind if like watching the Percy Jackson movies; where I keep saying "What?! Nooooo. That ain't right!"
    Keeps you on your toes, and gives you a chance to see what you remember about history. And even better than that, you realize that you aren't that bad at history, after all.

  2. One of the greatest mass murderers in human history? Lol what about King Leopold of Belgium? He was responsible for 15 million deaths in Congo. But the Allies never seem to speak about it because it was committed by their ally.

  3. To lose an entire army would be hard on any leaders mind,at this point hitler should of left military matters to the army but he didn't,this was the beginning of the end he just refused to accept it…

  4. Talk about inaccuracies, a little hypocritical honestly. I'm not even going to attempt to point them out. It's foolish to claim you got it right where everyone else got it wrong, almost like Hitler. The best will always be the Apocalypse series.

  5. Not to make excuses for Hitler, but after the conquest of France, Hitler tried to end the war there, and wasn't the part of Poland her invaded originally a post of per World War 1 Germany, and the section Soviet Union occupied an original part of Russia? Maybe had the British made peace and not worry so much about their Empire, maybe millions of people might not have died

  6. You can't judge a baby and wonder if he's going too be a mass murderer and if you wanted to blame a murderer why not blame Stalin.

    But of course you can't do that one because he was our Ally with all the superpowers together which was b***** because STALIN was more of a mass murderer than Hitler.
    And Hitler was drug addict. He had a doctor with him we're ever he went.

  7. Stalin hated Hitler if he had absolute proof of Hitler's death they would have shown it. And those dental records are so unproven they were done by memory Hitler probably did die in the bunkerAnd probably was burned but probably was never found among the confusion of War or scenario 2 he escaped to Chile or Venezuela either one is possible

  8. Re: "no one is responsible for more deaths than Hitler ". Wrong! Mao Zedong is responsible for killing 45 million people. Several African dictators like Idi Amin and Paul Kagame also killed in the millions. And Kim jung Un presently operates death / prisoner camps in North Korea. No one knows what goes on there since it's off limits to foreigners… But judging by the number of people who mysteriously go missing in that country, its up there in the millions. Wr always say "never again" yet history repeats itself. Sad

  9. 2 minutes in and you have stated enough for me to know the entirety of this documentary is garbage.

    Only naive school students forced to rush in a last minute essay would fall for this utter garbage.

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