1. You have your facts wrong, 1st Rommel was not at Stalingrad, 2nd no panther tanks at Stalingrad, 3rd no tiger tanks at Stalingrad , 4th no numbers at Stalingrad, 5th some of the footage is from France 1940, 6th no IS152 at Stalingrad 7th some footage from battle of bulge, 8th some colour ing is completely wrong. 9th I do think the neblewurffer was at Stalingrad.

  2. Как бы вы немцев красиво не показывали а мои 6 дедов и бабушка победили идошли до Берлина а неэти уроды до Москвы

  3. Ils méritent ce qu’ils ont eu comme punitions. Ils voulaient asservir les autres peuples

  4. there is also footage of german attacks against the polish ghetto in warsaw, what has that got to do with stalingrad?

  5. As per David Erwing road to Stalingrad was a bloody snow covered abandoned place due scorch the earth policy of Marxis; German forces were freezing to death! That winter which saved the Marxis to kill millions of people & even today in the form of Covid

  6. Of the 235,000 German and allied troops captured during and after the Battle of Stalingrad, only 5,000 ever made it back home – in 1955.

  7. Well, Rommel wasn't in Stalingrad so your title is wrong after you first scene already and a lot of the footage is not Stalingrad. Great footage thanks for posting but don't false news the information, not cool.

  8. Saint Petersburg where they killed the czar & his ministers. Anastasia screamed in vain. Rode a tank in a Generals rank when the blitzkrieg came & the bodies stank.

  9. Real warriors. German engineering was and is something special they were so ahaead of their time

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