Why wasn't Japan Split Between the Allies After World War 2 (Short Animated Documentary)

As you’ll all know, Germany was divided up between the allies at the conclusion of the second world war. Yet, Japan, the primary belligerent in the Pacific Theatre came under the exclusive control of the United States of America. Find out why in this short and simple animated history documentary.


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Democratizing Japan: The Allied Occupation by Robert E. Ward and Sakamoto Yoshikazu

The Occupation of Japan as History. Some Recent Research by Ray A. Moore

Preparation for the Occupation of Japan by Hugh Borton


  1. "Who nobody argued with due to their unique nuclear arsenal" had me laughing out loud!

  2. Because when Russia came the US dropped the ABomb to say to the rest of the world to fuck right off pretty much

  3. Also the fact that the USSR was at war with Japan for about a month. You don't get a full slice of cake if you come to the party during clean up.

  4. A future where we shared Japan with the USSR… Thank God the nukes saved millions and more 🙏

  5. The greatest idea came from McArthur by granting women in Japan the right to vote. That had been the quickest change to modernize Japan

  6. I heard the rumor about US can feel Japan would turn into Communist country if they really change their current alphabet system into Latin.. and there have some story about US want to change Japan culturally (when they take over Japan after WW2 lost), but at the end they let Japanese keep that because the communist vibe in Japanese people is strong at that time.. is that even true? i don't think so.. why would culture relate to communism?

  7. I think it’s important to discuss the role of the bomb in halting a Russian invasion of Japan and as a deterrent for trying to be involved thereafter

  8. Why would America split Japan with Russia who did a big bowl of nothing in helping stop them? Russia was never a true member of the allies and asked the join the axis more than once they should have been finished off in 1945.

  9. If the Soviets and Americans divided Japan into North and South then all of the Korean Peninsula would fall to Soviet control. South Korea would not exist thus their 1965 economic expansion called the Miracle of the Han River would never happen. All the wonderful things South Korea brought to this world like their electronics, pop culture, music, food would never exist today. South Korea would look exactly like North Korea today had it fell to total Soviet control. And let’s not forget what Japan brought to this world too like their electronics, technology, cars, pop culture, media, food, liquor, etc. The Korean War would happen in Japan and God knows how a divided Japan could affect the outcome of the Vietnam War.

  10. Why wasn’t the United States the sole occupier of Korea after WWII for the same reasons as Japan? If the Soviet Union had never occupied the Korean Peninsula north of the 38th parallel then there would have been now a united, democratic, and undivided Korea.

  11. In memory of the British Occupation Zone of Japan, the US didn't force all of Japan to switch to driving on the right side of the road (although they did Okinawa, which switched back to the left in 1978).

  12. In Japan there are literature, manga and anime that are based on the premise that Japan was split up after the war. For fiction, there are A.ja.pan by Toshihiko Yahagi, Seito by Daisuke Kato, Ichinobun no ichi by Hisashi Inoue, Nihon bunretsu by Yusuke Yamada. For manga the best known is 国境のエミーリャ kokkyo no Emilia by Kunihiko Ikeda. For anime there is The Place Promised in Our Early Days (雲のむこう、約束の場所) by Makoto Shinkai of “Your Name” fame.

  13. Okay but Germany got destroyed by a wall and the deviding. Thank you, next time Japan is in round.

  14. Rest of the world in world War 2 used all their people and got their asses kicked. America sends over 19-25 year Olds and wreck everybody. America rules!

  15. 北海道の東半分をソ連が占領したかもしれなかった。

  16. At the end of world war 2, Japan was entirely defeated by America, but losing to the United States was also good for Japan itself. The United States helped Japan achieve rapid economic development and political democratization. America does have ambitions, but the size of Japan is not enough to pose a threat to the United States. The country that can really knock out the United States has four times its population.

  17. It is important to note that Soviets had been building up forces planning to invade Japan and the USA fearing a split like in Germany was another reason to use the nuclear arms in a way saving Japan from Soviet rule.

  18. USA: "You know what? We'll give you a bit."
    USSR: "Thanks! How much and where?"
    USA: "Hold on. I'll draw it on a map."
    Circles Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

  19. You should do a video on “Why no Dutch Battleships?” Considering they had a Colonial Empire to protect and even minor powers like Spain and Argentina built dreadnoughts

  20. "Truman was a fundamental opponent of communism." What a laughable statement. He agreed to give all of Eastern Europe to Stalin!

  21. I mean Japan was divided—the Soviets got South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, and the U.S. and Commonwealth got everything else.

  22. Americans love to conveniently forget the role of Commonwealth and more importantly Australia's in the pacific war. New Guinea, Guadalcanal, Phillipines and Borneo, all fought and won with Australian blood. We gave our all, fought by ourselves for years and to have Americans diminish our contributions is honestly insulting.

  23. USA: I ain’t sharing
    World: that’s not fair!
    USA: loads atom bomb what did you say?
    World: I said that’s fair…

  24. I want to say that I really appreciate the details, like the uniforms (including MacArthur's pipe!) and the accuracy of each country's rifle drawings. That goes for all the videos, but this one had a nice variety so I'll comment it here 😁

  25. 2:19 Nah, we Indians won't be occupying Japan for the Brits at that time because we were at a wave of independence immediately after the WW2….
    Maybe the Aussies would have done that…

  26. Alternative Ending : If Japan was to be split and majority of it was part of the USSR , it means that we won't have a Toyota and a Nintendo today and Japan wouldn't have even been a Trillion Dollar economy….
    In short, US saved Japan from crumbling more but for its own interests and benefits…😅
    A communist Japan might even have been handed to be a part of the PRC which would be disastrous considering the past and their hatred towards each other especially during those days….

  27. Man we really dodged a bullet there, imagine communism being a part of Japan fuck that shit. 🤨

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