Why didn't Japan Attack the Soviet Union in World War 2?

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Why didn’t Japan Attack the Soviet Union in World War 2?

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Otterstedt, Charles. Kwantung Army and the Nomonhan Incident.

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  1. Germany wanted Europe and Soviet so planed to try peace negotiation with UK. Japan wanted China and east southen Asia so planed to try peace negotiation with Usa. They didn"t want war with UK and USA. haha

  2. Am I the only one got confused with the title. I already new about the border conflicts- they fought each-other. Then after Russians eastern front war ended this opened Russia to push past their borders in Asia. Japan could not enter Russia because of their focus on US and South east Asia. They did not have enough troops or a good supply line to enter Russia. Your video has good information. But your title inferred that Japan and USSR never engage in war with each other. Your video dispelled your misleading title. Japan did attack the USSR. Japan was just unable to take much land from USSR. title should be changed to why Japan failed to take on USSR or why USSR was not able to take out Japans aggression- due to USSR ficus on eastern front. You also forgot that USSR Did not let the US to have troops in USSR to be able to take on Japan main Island faster instead of doing the Island hoping campaign.

  3. The idea that Japanese leadership didn't understand US industrial strength in the comments is completely false. The Japanese leadership perfectly understood Japan stood no chance in a protracted war and it's actually that kind of reasoning that they decided to go to war in Dec 1941.

    Let me explain, the US, by that point, had put on severe sanctions on Japan, first aircraft parts and aviation fuel, then steel and finally oil. And they had also been expanding their military rapidly, US military had went from around 300,000 in 1936 to 2 million at the eve of Pearl Harbor and the Two Ocean Navy Act passed in Jul 1940 would have given the US decisive naval advantage in late 1942 and 1943. They were also increasingly becoming belligerent from their past neutrality with them exchanging destroyers for bases with UK, sending war aid to UK and USSR, patrolling the western half of Atlantic against U-boats (which frees up Royal Navy assets).

    So, this rapidly expanding military power that is increasingly becoming active in world affairs and is most definitely opposed to your actions exists. And your own nation has little prospect for military expansion as the war in China has sucked out immense resources with no end in sight. The US demand to Japan in regards to China was seen as too harsh and would have most likely resulted in a coup, if not a civil war (remember that even after crippling defeats, completely devastated navy, two atomic bombs, Manchuria being overrun by Soviets, there was still a coup against the surrender decision).

    Their decision to go to war was seen as the best bad option, they had nothing else to do in their eyes. Going to war earlier would at least prevent the build up of American naval assets to a too big gap and a shock lightning advance may cripple the other side into accepting peace fast and avoiding the long conflict Japan was destined to lose.

    Basically they were going for Russo-Japanese war jacked up to 11, which was also a war against a foe with superior industry, economy, population numbers etc, but whose defeat was influenced by internal disunity (1905 Revolution), geographical factors like the Trans Siberian railway not being complete and most of Russian industry, population being thousands of miles away (hard to transport). They were also influenced by racial ideas like supposed American inferiority, but they weren't completely batshit insane.

  4. Another commercial masquerading as a documentary . I'm done , i pay for commercial free viewing! when i watch your stuff I'm not getting it ! S o im not watching anymore.

  5. Germany vs USSR, Japan does nothing. Japan vs USA, Germany tries to help Japan. Thank you Japanese… you're not bad as Italy but no help too. If your allies fuck up your whole plan.

  6. Japan loved to overestimate the effects of training, morale, and self-sacrifice. In fact in Khalkin-Gol, Japanese infantrymen, gunners, and pilots were qualitatively better. But all that was steamrolled by Zhukov and his colleagues' expertise in land operations and maneuver warfare.

  7. Japan is a sea power with much stronger navel than Russia who is a land power, so i can get behind the idea of not take on Russia ARMY Alone. but Germany is a land power too, they can definitely attack and finish Russia together.
    After all, the Japanese decide to make the smartest military strategy of ALL TIME. ATTACK CHINA, RUSSIA, AND USA. FUCK ALL OF THEM, WE GONNA DO WHAT NO ONE IN HISTORY HAS stupid enough to do– great courage, but….since when does fuck with these 3 country all fucking together ever work?

  8. You forgot to mention that The Germans never mentioned Barbarossa to the Japanese and tried to keep it secret. Germany wanted the Japanese to keep the British busy in Asia while Hitler was fighting the Soviets.

  9. Germany: Can you help us fight the Soviet Union in a two front war?

    Japan: I can’t, I already attacked the United States.

    Germany: YOU WHAT!?

  10. Japan in 1930’s-1940’s, their entire mentality is just invasion, invasion, invasion.
    – 1937: Let’s expand in China -> gets bogged down in a costly, indecisive war for 8 years
    – 1939: Let’s pick a fight with Soviet in Nomonhan -> gets wrecked by the Soviets, derailed Japanese plans to take Siberia, instead focus on SE Asia
    – 1941: Let’s take Southeast Asia/Pacific -> triggers US entering the war and the beginning of the end

  11. Actually….they did. The Soviet Union had to call up their armor divisions in preparation for invasion from the Japanese, which put them in a much better position when the Nazis invaded.

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