Why didn't Ireland Fight in World War 2 – Irish Girl Reacts

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This is Why didn’t Ireland Fight in World War 2 – Irish Girl Reacts
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Countries like Switzerland and Sweden are famous for staying out of World War 2 but Ireland, a country which managed to avoid much of the wars damage. But how did Ireland do this given its position and the pressures placed on it? How did Ireland stay neutral in World War 2? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary.

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  1. I'm surprised the Catholic Church did not declare a Crusade against Nazi Germany for being evil, and obviously a pawn of the Devil. How many Crusades have been fought against Muslims, yet here is evil biting them on the nose, mass genocide of millions of people, and even Catholic Churches burned and deliberately destroyed by the Germans in Poland and in this the Catholic Church couldn't be bothered to take sides in this war between good and evil. What is the moral basis for neutrality, so if you are in Dublin and you witness a murder, do you call the police or do you stay neutral? Ireland is a neutral country, so if you take neutrality on an I individual level you do nothing. I wonder what would have happened if France stayed neutral as Germany invaded Poland, Italy declared war against Poland even though it was another Catholic country, and Germany was half Catholic half protestant and I suppose the Nazis were in some way Devil worshippers. Not much good the Church is in the fight against evil, didn't do Poland a Lock of good, yet Poland kept the faith in spite of the neutral Vatican about Germany attacking the Church. They say World War II was not a religious war, but the Germans did try to exterminate the Jews. I don't blame today's Germans for what happened back then, but Germany supposedly was more religious when Hitler took over than it is now, go figure.

  2. Hey Irish — Don't be skeered!! — I know WW2 was a great bit back. — What happens when ya'll are over-run? Who's ya'lls allies? Who ya gonna call? — Anyway Sweetness, you were wonderful!

  3. I'm old enough to remember the many bombings and shootings/ assainations in N.Ireland,Sinn Fein and Jerry Adams ( I think that's what his name was),on the American news in the 1970s. I must say my knowledge of the situation doesn't go beyond that much. But I think it had to do with Catholics and Protestants, politics and independence. Maybe you could school us on that Miss Diane. Love your videos.

  4. Hitler wanted to take Ireland called operation. Green. Or I think. Operation. Eireann. Ireland prepared it's defenses but Hitler wasn't worried about Ireland and he wanted to get rid of Britain first but couldn't and he knew Britain would help them so he cancelled. Operation green. I'm not sure about this correct me if I'm wrong

  5. Ireland didn't fight in WW-2? That's because the Irish smart. It was a dumb war to promote communism, look at the planet now. It sucks, when you need a wheelbarrow full of cash to pay for a pack of gum, something aint right, socialism sucks, capitalism is much better. lets go Brandon!!! Dianne, stay sweet!

  6. I had no idea Ireland stayed out of WW2 nor did I ever know that their leader sent Germany their condolences for Hitlers suicide!! Wow. It is interesting how the Irish girl reacted with indifference when the Hitler fact was pointed out ๐Ÿง

  7. If Germany and Japan won, there was no such thing as true neutral. Hitler and the Emperor never planned on stopping after conquering the UK and Soviet Union. All the cowards who hid and remained neutral would have been the next to get snuffed out. So all they would have managed to do was buy a little time.

  8. The majority of Americans did not want to enter the war either until Pearl Harbor, there is even a theory both Churchill and Roosevelt knew of the attack ( the US had already broken many Japanese codes) but let it happen to draw in the US in an active role rather than a trade partner.

  9. I love how the History Matters clown talks about Swedish neutrality as if that's just the way those people are. In fact, they were the most war-loving people on the continent for a 1000 years until getting their asses kicked during the Napoleonic Wars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_Sweden And they helped the Nazis out time and time again!
    I get why Ireland wasn't keen to join up with the UK on this one, but it was tantamount to supporting Hitler. And after all Americans had done for the Irish, it was a real slap in our collective faces not to allow our ships to dock there.

  10. Knowing the historical context, it is hard to fault Ireland for doing exactly what it did – staying facially neutral while providing soft help to the allies. The only fault I can find is offering condolences on Hitlerโ€™s death. Is that true? If so, what was the calculus?

  11. Ireland was in a real Catch-22 with the Second World War. On one hand, Ireland was not pro-fascist and did not lend its support to Franco during the Spanish Civil War, even though there was a stront right-wing Catholic lobby to do exactly that. On the other hand, Ireland had only just won hard-earned independence from the UK, and there was a lot of bad blood there. Churchill himself was one of the British leaders in the war against the Irish revolution, and fought a full dirty war against the Irish. The irony is that many of Britain's actions during this time (many of which were ordered by Churchill himself) could be called Nazi-like, and the Auxies and Black and Tans were as much death squads as the Einsatzgruppen. So they couldn't very well simply stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Churchill with that fresh wound. Neutrality was the obvious course, given that reality.

  12. Military History, my favorite subject…
    There is a bit of history revisionism here; this is from History Matters? Yes, Churchill did want to invade the south, and when he advanced this plan to the United States, Roosevelt shot the plan down as this would have eroded American support for the Allies.
    Ireland was a pro-allied neutral, as was Portugal. During the war both Dublin and Lisburn were known spy havens. If you wanted to get a message to the other side, those cities were conduits.
    ร‰amon de Valera offered to join the allies IF the UK would open up talks on letting Northern Ireland be returned to the South, but he was basically shut down, and Churchill had a hand in that even before he was prime minister. So de Valera was like, "Fine, we'll just stay neutral."
    Ireland (Eire) wasn't fully independent until 1949. During WWII they were still a Dominion, but they managed to stay out of the war anyway.
    Just prior to WWII, Britain had just finished handing over the deeper water ports like Cork, and Limerick. Churchill wanted them back to use for an all out effort for the war. If Ireland had joined the allies and these Irish cities been used as naval launching points in the Battle of the Atlantic, they would have most definitely been bombed.
    I've read that Northern Ireland sent 11,000 people to fight in the UK military. Southern Ireland sent 33,000, who crossed the border to join the UK military.
    As much as Hitler was despised and hated by the west, it was proper diplomatic etiquette to extend condolences to a government. So yes, Dublin sent Berlin a condolence after Hitler was dead. But so did Brazil and Portugal, and no one complained about them doing it. (So did Spain, but Franco and Madrid were in the other camp.)
    One last thing, years ago in two separate occasions, I was speaking to a survivor of the WWII Dublin bombing, and both times the old timers told me that they saw British bombers bombing Dublin. Now that may have been their perception that they were being bombed by the British, or there was a massive coverup from a misguided attempt to get Ireland into the war on the allied side.
    Also, (so the above wasn't the last thing), but it didn't matter who side Ireland entered the war on, either way it would have ended up with a British invasion and occupation. Go pro axis, and they would get invaded by Britain. Germany didn't have either the sea transport capability to sail troops to Ireland (the British navy being a thing), nor did the Germans have the airlift capability. But the British did have the capability, even if their army was small and over extended, they would have invaded Ireland the way they invaded Iraq after the Iraqi revolt. And if Ireland entered the war on the Allied side they would have "needed to be garrisoned" (i.e.invaded and occupied), giving the IRA something to attack.

  13. A huge number of Irish citizens served in the British military during the Second World War. In fact many of those that served were treated poorly upon their return home.

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