Which Generals from Each Major Fighting Nation Turned the Tide of WW2 Theatres?

They say ‘the times make the man,’ so it’s no surprise that the Second World War made a lot of admirals and generals. In this video, we shed light on a cross section on some of the war’s top commanders.

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🎬Video Credits:
Narrator – Cam
Editor – Steven DiLeo
Writer – Brad Dare
Researcher – Daniel
Intro music –

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0:00 Introduction
0:51 Georgy Zhukov
2:21 Isoroku Yamamoto
3:32 Erwin Rommel
4:53 William Slim
6:11 George Patton
7:37 Bonus: Grigory Kulik
9:04 Conclusion


  1. If This Was Best Generals In History Video Then I Would Say

    1.Alexander The Great
    2.Julius Caeser
    3.George Washington
    4.Genghis Khan
    5.Napoleon Bonparte

    If Someone Dosent Agree With Me Name Best Generals In History Then ^_^

  2. That last general was incapable because he was what you would call a political general. He only knew to please the right people, or one person in particular-Josef Stalin. Unfortunately, in this era of political correctness I fear the US has too many generals just like him. I think that is why we had better not get into a war with either Russia or China. Either one will beat our ass. Btw, great channel. I love your work.

  3. George S. Patton Was The Very Best
    General Of The All In W W 2 !!!!!
    And His Drive Across France In
    Operation Cobra And On Across Europe
    With 3 rd Army Proves It !!!!!
    F. G. D.

  4. My father was an enlisted man in the United States Army, my grandfather was a Polish Army officer and I respect Erwin Rommel for his miltary prowess. Also, not turning over POWs of Polish origin that captured while fighting the British in North Africa, for liquidation is a plus.

  5. As Max Heistings put it, in his ww2 book " Armagedon ", if Zukof or Rommel were the commanding officers of D Day, the anglos would have conquered Berlin in 2 ( two ) months… End of quote…

  6. I understand that every country could only have one general, but Germany and the USA could've had some honorable mentions and Dowding's British RAF had insane efficiency especially during the Battle of Britain.

  7. I know alot about Yamamomo. The one General That over time I have come to put on quite a high level as others on your list that is Rommel. Very good tacticition but lis lack of ability and understanding of logistics, admittedly hampered by his chain of command was that he could not hold what he had taken. He either withdrew as in the Kasserine mountains or was pushed out of Europe.
    Had he taken a long look at the Kasserine mountains, he could have seen he could swept around the northern end of the range and been in the US's base and pushed us into the Atlantic. One of Rommel's subordinates tried this but was stopped by a handful of Americans and British who stopped the first assault but due to the timely arrival of an artillery brigade who were being moved, but stopped to lend a hand they would have raised merry hell with the US. Look up the battle of Fallujah. Interestingly enough Fulluja was the scene of an important war in earlier centuries. Sorry Memory fails me as to which one.

  8. Yamamoto was absolutely the best in Japan with nagumo….in Germany I would pick either manstein,guderian ,or leeb ….Patton or Mac Arthur from the stats ….Montgomry or Alexander but not slim from Britain ….rokovosky is second to ghukov for sure from USSR …graziany from Italy …

  9. Of the bunch I would have much preferred to serve under Slim. A strategic and tactical genius. He managed what none of the other generals did. Victory with minimal casualties. He was able to inflict unimaginable hardship to the enemy with the lightest touch. He put his men before his ego.

  10. In JFC Fuller's book "Grant and Lee" he demonstrated how Lee, a great tactician, was not a good strategist and also very poor at setting up his staff work. Grand was good and each. Excellent new film on Rommel starring Ulrich Tukhar. There is a new Russian film series on Zhukhov which I am looking forward to seeing. I have been to Ekaterinburg and saw his impressive statue. Read Slim's book "Defeat into Victory".

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