What If World War 2 Happened In 2022?

In today’s video, we take a look at a scenario where WW2 takes place in 2022. This event will have most of the events that took place in the 1930s-1940s. With current world borders and world relations, world war 2 is bound to change in many ways. This is the first video of 2022, and hopefully this year will be great for the channel. If you enjoyed this world war 2 themed video, make sure to…

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โžคHello, I am AdizzPro. On this channel you can expect to see a large variety of mapping content! Videos can span from fixing the borders to mapping out war scenarios. I’m a huge history/geography fan, so if you’re interested in those things aswell, this channel may be perfect for you! Have an amazing day!


  1. For the "third Balkan war" it would probably be more like Bosnia and Herzegovina splitting in to to sides one is the Serbian side and the other is the Bosnian Croatian coalition which means that some of the Arab countries or all of them will probably join because Bosnians are Muslims

  2. turkey before like use the have good relations with the axis but after the axis started to lose later they go in the side of the allies so I don't thing they will support albania?

  3. Just few stuff about balkans:
    -Bosnia would stay neutral because whichever side they join either croats or serbs are gonna protest
    -Slovenia would stay neutral
    -Romania would most likely join red side

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