What if the US stayed neutral in World War 2?

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In this alternate history scenario the US is adamant at staying neutral in World war two, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with any warring side.

Images used in thumbnail:
I Want You for U.S. Army poster by James Montgomery Flagg, Public domain
T-34 in Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin by Leha-11, CC BY-SA 4.0
Stuka dive bomber, captured by Allies in North Africa, 1941 – Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago) by Daderot, CC0

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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  1. Everyone tries to say it’s impossible for Germany to win ww2 due to resource disparity vs the allies. Maybe true but it assumes Germany couldn’t have reversed the disparity, which isnt true. How germany could win ww2: As soon as France falls, immediately attack south and south east to secure African and middle eastern resources. It has to be immediate as the clock is ticking, it’s June 1940 and the US will be entering the war in December 1941 and Stalin is planning on attacking Germany in June 1942. If Germany can secure Africa and the Middle East in the two years to summer 1942 it becomes the largest economy on the planet and likely deters any further aggression by the allies. If the allies do continue aggression Germany has the resources to win a war of attrition. Achieving these objectives in this amount of time seems unlikely but it is possible. Germany is only fighting a weakened British army.

  2. If USA didn’t engage japan, would Schukow be able to bring his divisions to the west? I don’t think you are wrong in your analysis, but the new divisions were released as spies reported Japanese won’t attack.

  3. Es un escenario interesante de ficción, pero solo es eso "ficción".
    Meterse en la segunda guerra mundial, le permitió a USA al finalizar la guerra, erigirse como la potencia mundial dominante, junto con la URSS

  4. Don't forget the US was attacked by Japan and Germany declared war on the USA. The US didn't join in the war on Europe's behalf but its own behalf. The bigger question would be, what if the USA didn't embargo Japan in 1937.

  5. Germans would have still lost but the Soviet Union would have been a lot bigger imo. Neutral doesn't mean embargo. The US would take on more European contracts even building ships for the allies. US wouldn't turn down that amount of $$$. If Pearl Harbor never happened, Japan would have gained 10times its land mass.

  6. We should of stayed neutral. When you look at the state of Europe and the United States today ots pretty clear the United States was on the wrong side of ww2…

  7. Fun fact that was missed: over 50% of the USSRs supply system and 50% if machinery for their mobile divisions were US made. A truly neutral US would have the USSR bogged down before even reaching poland

  8. I think this gives the U.K. a lot more credit than it should. The U.K. was already hurting by 1940 resource wise. Hence why the lend lease was needed. To the extent the British gave up their empire to make it so. I also don't see them sending troops and tanks to the eastern front. Nor do I see Stalin's crazy ass letting them do it. I also don't see India just going into revolt while the British are dealing with the Germans.

  9. Interesting scenario and well thought out.
    A few points though-
    Lend Lease was not aid. It was paid by exchange or on credit which the UK paid back after the war.
    The UK bombing of Germany would not be "as shadow of what it was", the UK built its own bombers (far better than the US ones) and dropped more bombs on Germany than the US did. I rather think the overall damage to morale and production would be similar.
    Germany would simply run out of resources and Russia would not. The main fight was not by the US/UK invasion of Italy or France but the Russian front. I rather think the Russians would still win through.
    The Russian high loss rate was not particularly down to attacking or defending, they had very poor equipment and men but lots of it.
    With no D Day the UK would use men and resources that it was otherwise saving for D Day in North Africa and then perhaps rather than the really stupid attack on the bottom of Italy (bad idea) UK may have gone in via Greece to extend the Russian front.
    Pacific was not at all crucial to the UK, just defending each island and slowly pulling back would drain the Japanese resources over time.
    I am very sure both UK and Russia would not agree any deal with the Axis. We do not give up!
    My guess is that perhaps a year later Germany would collapse from Russian onslaught and then UK could mop up Japan who would have run out of everything by then.

  10. I don't see why America would need to cut off trade with everyone. The US could intitute a cash & carry policy were nations had to use their own ships to deliver or pick up items at Amercan ports.

  11. This doesn't include Germans' research about atom bomb. If Germany stayed in the battle and completed their research, they may have used this weapon against Britain and Soviet.

  12. The British would’ve never been able to build as many planes or tanks due to no trade from the US. So, I think you’re incorrect that the British would maintain that superiority.
    Also, Russia took equipment from the US in lend lease act. If it wasn’t for American trucks transporting troops & supplies; Stalingrad quite possibly would’ve fell.
    Don’t forget the oil that every side needed.
    You really should’ve done a bit more research & less speculation.

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