What Drugs were like in World War 2

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote that speed is β€œthe essence of war.” Surely when Sun Tzu wrote that he wasn’t expecting Hitler to take it too literally. Speed, also known as amps, pep pills, uppers, and lid poppers was commercialized just in time for mass consumption during World War II by the leading industrial powers.

World War 2 was truly the greatest impetus to date for legal medically authorized as well as illicit black-market abuse of amps and similar drugs on a worldwide scale. Welcome to Nutty History and today let’s find out how pep pills controlled the tides of battles during the Second World War.


Chapter Timestamps
0:00 Intro to mid-roll ads
0:39 Why did Amps become popular during WW2?
3:06 Pervitin Became Escape for Entire Germany
5:50 How Pervitin Changed Warfare
7:50 What changed in 1941?


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