What Actually Happened to Nazi Leaders After World War 2?

What happened to the Nazis after World War 2?

During and after WWII, Allies hunted down Nazi war criminals. But what was life like for them in captivity? And what did they do with them once they caught them?


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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.


  1. In the late fifties I was watching the Wonderful World of Disney and Uncle Walt had Werner Von Braun as the guest. "That man sounds like the bad guys in the movies" I thought.

  2. I love your channel. It would have been a good idea to not have crosses on the coffins representing deceased Jews. We always have a Star of David on our coffins. Oops! Great video though!

  3. Israel's goverment are horrible people just because the germans killed there religion dosnt mean they can do the same to muslims America made a horrible decision you cant just take a country for no reason whatis that logic frik Israel's goverment

  4. HORRIFICLY SAD ….. and now in present day thanks to the us supreme court the usa has killed millions and millions of inocent unborn children att Abortion killing centers Across the Usa lets stop killing people

  5. Josef Mengele was literally a monster out of a sci-fi/horror film. That that man got away scot-free is absolute proof that if there is a god, he thinks of us as nothing but a joke. Mengele also continued his sick experiments at a village near Sao Paolo. He went there because a lot of twins were born there. He was fascinated by twins.

  6. So the US just let some nazis out with like 10 or 20 year jail? That’s it? Wtf millions died due to these guys and some only get small sentences for something as big at this?

  7. I know this will gather much hate, but it's very ironic how you are mentioning that basically Jewish survivors located to a land they did not own (palestine) and basically took over declared independence (from whom ?) based on the british who gave them a land they were occupying

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