Villagers React To The Fallen of World War II ! Tribal People React To The Fallen of World War II

Villagers React To The Fallen of World War II ! Tribal People React To The Fallen of World War II

Tribal People / Villagers try different International Food & Gadgets for the first time today Tribal People React to The Fallen of World War II for first time. They give pure reaction to the food & things they have never tried. Subscribe to our channel for latest videos.
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  1. I'm proud to say that the Bulgarian King at the time officially surrendered to the Nazis but refused to give up any Bulgarian jews! 40 000 Bulgarian jews survived the war and were left unharmed at home!

  2. It always blows my mind how many civilians die at the hands of governents. The first time I saw a similar graphic depicting the Russian losses I sat quite for quite some time. Today we think the world is a terrible place when it really is not. If only politicians could be more honest.

  3. A Typical American.
    Excuse me, the United Kingdom was soared a land invasion, no son, we wasn't spared, we totally repelled and smashed any chance of a Nazi invasion of mainland Britain with Operation Sea-lion,(Sealion) going ahead with the RAF winning The Battle of Britain. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  4. Britain fought against the Nazis alone for the first couple of years, also it's empire was also fighting too, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other races and peoples within the British Empire, that was until Pearl harbor.
    And yes I haven't forgotten about US help with supplies, although some wasn't that forthcoming.
    Around 70 million deaths that are known to have died as a result of WWII, tye second in a two part story WWI-WWII with a 21yr Ceasefire in between, one major war with two parts, killing around 130-145 million peoples, 70-85mil in WWII and 40mil in WWI, but as a result of lasting disease and starvation add another 20-30mil peoples.

  5. Someone should explain to them that half of those Soviet troops were killed by their own party line if they fell back, and another third were of starvation while the "party" had lavish lifestyles at the Kremlin…

  6. "Hell is not the right word, even the devil wouldn't be capable of it" – some soldier after arriving at Auschwitz to free prisoners, from what I heard from stories.

  7. Hey, US veteran stepping in here… I wasn't a part of the 2nd world war, but I would like to say that , personally, and I do not speak on behalf of the United States Military, I do not agree with the nuclear bombing of Japan. At no point should any military target civilians, and in my opinion the US was wrong for ignoring this established rule.

  8. And they didn't even see the worst images from those years of hell on earth. They were spared the ungodly sights of what man will do to man in the name of hatred, or the countless bodies dropping on the beaches on D Day.

    The cruelty and unimaginable suffering by the multitudes, the complete disdain and disregard for the sanctity of life was on a scale that I hope the human race never… EVER sees again.

    But humans will always be humans. It is up to the good people of the nations of the world to demand better from their leaders, to not let a few power hungry elites bring civilization to its knees again, and with little-to-no risk to their person or families. The common man is just canon fodder, expendable in the eyes of those that start the wars.

  9. Omg these men have put a blessing in my heart. And tears in my eyes for joy that people all over have the same beliefs that all people on Earth should have. And that is peace and well being to all man woman and children alike. God bless us all

  10. Alter Falter, ich wusste zwar, dass Deutschland eine ziemlich schlimme Vergangenheit hat, aber diese Zahlen ΓΌbertreffen meine Vorstellung um das 100fache.
    Das kann man nicht mehr entschuldigen.

  11. I remember me saying "Stop!" outloud, over and over again, when the soviet tower kept growing.
    I am german and I grew up with the horrible stories of the nazis, but I never knew how many fell. I am still so shocked.

    You three are so sweet and bright men! We need more of your kind in the world.
    Bless you for your wisdom!

  12. Slavery was worst. 400 years of (black) slavery more deaths than any wars ever happened but no charts. No documentaries. Slavery still exist this days.And poeple still hates black poeple… That's sad

  13. We were far too nice to Japan and Germany, and the Soviets, during and right after the war, shoulda biked them all back to the Stone Age, and eliminated Amy potential threat, like was talked about, woulda solved most of our external problems that exist today

  14. And yeah, that long peace was enforced and has been from American casualties and power, from WWII on, that peace, not seen since since the Roman Empire, or was made to be by the allied powers and since held up after that, by us, the US. And no one dares to fight us in open warfare, if they try, we crush them. And I. The opening stages, well feed and fuel our allies until we can fully spool up and join the fight, just like both times before.

  15. It's unbelievable how men can do things like this, but unfortunately this war HAD to happen because Adolf Hitler and the nazis HAD to be stopped…I felt the same pain our wonderful friends felt while watching this…if more people were like these men, maybe war COULD finally be wiped out…GOD BLESS YOU FRIENDS!!!

  16. What is this 3th world if they dont heard about wwII. And hindu was support hitler. Same arabs couse they want jews out. Check meeting with Adolf with hindu leader and arabs one. Thats why information dont comes to india.

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