UNBELIEVABLE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER | World War 2 Soldiers Observe Yeti Creatures | MBM 235

UNBELIEVABLE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER | World War 2 Soldiers Observe Yeti Creatures | MBM 235

Mountain Beast Mysteries is a channel dedicated to providing information and stories on the subjects of Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) and conspiracy theories relating to it. Do you want to see the best examples of Bigfoot caught on video? Do you want to enjoy hours of free Bigfoot documentary content? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place!


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  1. Lol everyone in this comment section believes everything they hear πŸ˜† 🀣 they speak with certainty on things we cannot be certain about at all. What other crazy beliefs do they hold πŸ€”

  2. Sounds like an excellent rue life story. I’d have to disagree with your thought of possible mass hysteria, as in mass hallucinations due to lack of food. You need to take into account, this group of men hadn’t been walking, and starving of food or dehydration after 10 or 12 days in the wilderness. They were 11 MONTHS on foot. Therefore, they were clearly eating and drinking to properly sustain themselves all that time previous. They were clearly able to hunt and find water, or they would have been dead long before.
    Additionally, I don’t think the Yeti research in the 50’s has any influence on this mans story. Why? Because he actually says he disagrees with what that research says, about the size of the creatures. And this is when there was basically little to no other information available for research. Yet, he disagrees and states again, what they saw were at least 7 feet tall, while the published Yeti researcher said the creatures stood 5 feet tall. Had they been looking for β€œYeti fame” by fabricating that part of the book, surely he would have made the height of the creatures he encountered, about the same size the Yeti researcher said the Yeti were.
    The story rings true for me, I’m going to have to get the book and read it!! (So much is missed in modern movies, that I feel it probably will NOT do the original book justice)

  3. Why in Gods name do u JUST TALK ABOUT THE STORY U ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT for 4 MINUTES, BEFORE U ACTUALLY DO TELL THE STORY?? u are wasting our time just to make your video longer!! UNSUBSCRIBING!!!

  4. Wow! I have never heard of this yeti report before! It is very interesting!

    The one thing I find strange (in my opinion) is that the guy said that the only animals that he remembers seeing are men, dogs, and sheep.

    I find this strange because even though there are indeed some areas of land were animals are scarce in Mongolia and the Himalayas, the wildlife would still have been more abundant then than now, especially given the sheer remoteness of the region.

    The region actually has a wide diversity of wildlife despite the area being a tough place to live.

    So as I said before, I find the story a bit strange because they tracked the region for nearly a year but saw no wildlife aside from the 2 yetis? I find that extremely difficult to believe since there are plenty of way more common animals that likely would have been spotted in their journey before the yeti.

    Anyways, it is a great report! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. This sounds like a great idea for a reality TV series. Survivor POWs long walk, through the territory of YETI. Former POW veterans reenact how to survive harsh climate conditions as they trek through known Cryptid locations. With a live feed via satellite. Portions of the proceeds go to rebuild the impoverished community.

  6. A [late] very good friend's father [dob c. 1920] SOMEHOW got to know ONE of the five escaping PoWs after WW2 ended & was told of their encounter during the great walk to freedom. The father was ~ like his son/my late friend ~ sceptical in the extreme about ANY such 'stuff' but FIRMLY believed his acquaintance, who'd been through 'h**l to escape the Russians apparently. I only ever knew of this from my now late friend, who, like his pa. was a very cynical geezer…..but I JUST stumbled on this MBM piece quite by chance & thus I write for the record only.

  7. Yes…incredible … another artistic interpretation of what the beast looks like from second hand reports. I'm absolutely convinced, in spite of absolutely no good DNA evidence or clear footage. One person lying or a group of liars…makes not a speck of difference to me…

  8. During the Vietnam war both of my grandpas on the North and South side saw sasquatch in the jungle. They are incredibly strong and very intelligent, they are not as big as the American sasquatch but capable of hunting Tigers and extremely fast for their large size.

  9. Bro I love & appreciate your stories but please for the sake of GOD, STOP saying, "KINDA!" Everyone says it now & it's annoying & unnecessary. Anyway, Keep up the great work otherwise.

  10. Saw me a Yeti just yesterday…it didn't move whatsoever… It had white on top and was blue for the rest…Finally I got tired of waiting and picked it up and put ice in it and three sodas… Lol
    Seriously though, my people come from SE Asia, but our origins are shrouded in the steppes of central Asia and China… There are certainly stories of Bigfoot type creatures in the jungles but due to how incredibly superstitious and backwater we are, it's hard to discern fact from fiction… In our stories my people consider them spirits or forces of nature as Native Americans do… But our stories have them eating humans and they're almost demonic in description… But as a logical human being, I both can't deny or confirm, but I choose to believe that it's definitely possible…

  11. Idk. I dropped acid with five of my friends once and we all hallucinated a hole in the living room. We chucked things into it from around the house for like what seemed all night. Next morning there was a massive pile of random crap. Just saying. Shared hallucinations are possible. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  12. The only "group hallucinations" I've heard of are when multiple people see a UFO, and that's how the government and media discredit the account.. You know swamp gas.. Ball lightning.. Nothing to see here folks

  13. Many giants have been reported and many people believe that they have seen them. Why does our own government hide the finds and bodies and remains of this branch of human beings? Why do they hide when they can share the same land with us ?

  14. A shared hallucinations idea would only come from another telling them a story as to hear. Then it can seem more true The coming back with a single story basic from all says they really bored or saw something out there.

  15. It’s funny how people say they don’t exist. But there are countries who’ have never heard of each other’s version of Bigfoot like for instance here in Australia we have the Yowie and in Indonesia they have a smaller species called Orang Pandek (sorry if that’s wrong spelling)

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