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Just a decade or two ago, shooter games were all about WW2. Numerous WW2 franchises began their reign at the time and it was only the question of time when the genre is going to expand. Unfortunately, WW2 games lost their track recently and all we see now are futuristic games that aren’t that hardcore. But, don’t cry just yet! There are tons of great WW2 games for you to play, and if you stay with me on this adventure, you might just find out! Below is the list of Top 15 WW2 games.

00:00 Intro
01:12 Enlisted
02:40 Call of Duty WW2
04:01 Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
05:11 Battlefield V
05:19 Hell Let Loose
07:20 Call of Duty: World at War
08:51 Enemy Front
09:54 Wolfenstein: The New Order
11:09 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
12:37 Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway
13:52 Raid: World War II
15:17 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
16:30 World of Tanks
17:53 War Thunder
19:05 World of Warships

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  1. I just want a world war 2 game where I can storm the beaches of Normandy with 500 other players, running up the beaches as the axis power tries to gun us down from the top ridges

  2. Let’s be honest Battlefield 5,1 is the best ever made FPS game and that’s why , first the graphics has been completely insane the destruction the soundtrack and the sound effects everything is absolutely unbelievable you can always hold your tears ! And the best thing i ever saw is the V1 rocket they made so like a horrible thing! Sound just real!! The gameplay for both game is fantastic! Plane and Tanks

  3. A los juegos de la segunda guerra mundial los mató Activision a partir de World at war….dejen de jugar esa franquicia de mierda. Los únicos call of duty que valían la pena fueron el 1 y el 2. No hay mejores campañas fps que esas de la segunda guerra mundial.

    Y es una pena que Hell let loose, no tenga campañas solitario porque la calidad de fps es increíble.

  4. There is a game I am trying to find badly, I remember it begins with a cutscene with France and the nazis marching and it ends with the same france setting liberated.
    A character dies mid game on a bridge from a grenade and the last mission ends with another dying. I remember it was an awesome game but can't find it anywhere.
    Does anyone know the title?

  5. COD WW2 is shit… sorry bad liking. Stupid AI, FAKE locations, not historically accurate… STG44 in 1942…. really? and mg42 in japan??? Come on, please do a bit of research before posting a TOP ww2 games.

    WOLFENSTEIN 2 in ww2??? Really???
    BF V—– progre game… not fully ww2.
    Enemy front…. forgetable… NOTHING NEW TO ADD typical FPS where you fight ALONE like a SUPERSOLDIER that was a long time ago left behind in MOH.
    Wolfenstein new order…. ALTERNATE HISTORY BEFORE WW2!!!
    Rising storm Vietnam…. VIETNAM!!! ARE U STUPID???
    RAID…. just a GRINDING GAME with stupid AI where just a bunch of players (4, in my case) we destroyed the whole whermacht, they kept coming and we just grinded our weapons, before ending the mission.
    World of tanks… about ww2??? ITS JUST AN ARCADE GAME OF TANKS, NO MORE. Impossible modifications and prototypes NEVER BUILT.
    War Thunder…. same like wot but more realistic. Why? BECAUSE IT HAS MIXED BATTLES japanese planes with usa planes vs soviet and germans??? THAT IN REALISTIC MODE. No REALISM OR HISTORICAL ACCURACY THERE!!

    You never mentiones RED ORCHESTRA 2: RISING STORM, the best ww2 FPS in the moment which won some prizes in the E3.

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